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Gamers; how do you feel about underwater levels?

Asked by Berserker (33519points) December 19th, 2010

For people who enjoy, or who have enjoyed action games, platformers and the like, usually in 2D, what are your takes on the infamous underwater levels?
The general consensus is that oh water levels, you’re never fun.
No matter that it’s intentional, the controls can be awkward or the level can make you jump super high and land in pits.
So, people tend to not like many underwater levels. What about you?

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HATE THEM. I always suck at it. Though I’m not a gamer. I’m talking about Super Mario Bros. and OG Sonic.

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Fuck water levels…. I am having a hard time of thinking of a game that pulled this off well. If they could id be down with the water but usually it just spells horrible gameplay.

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Reminds me of this one AVGN episode, where in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, some normal levels have pits with water in them. If you fall in you die, so it’s like, dude I’m a fuckin turtle, AND a ninja why can I not swim?
But then…later you get underwater levels to swim through. The hell?

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I don’t like them either. One of my favorite games is Crash Bandicoot and I use to have a conniption whenever I had to play through a damn water level. Fucking sharks and those stupid fucking blow fish that only blow the fuck up when you’re inches near them. Fuck you.

And maybe people don’t like them because since you’re swimming in water, the levels go by so much slooooower and it’s irritating.

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The only levels I hated more than underwater levels were levels where the screen scrolled automatically.

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They’re aesthetically pleasing, but notoriously Nintendo Hard. No other level resulted in controllers either being pounded against the floor or hurled across the room more than water levels. I honestly cannot think of one that was enjoyable… and Wendy was always one of the Koopalings I disliked most. Guh.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Those are evil.

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Hate hate HATE water levels. Is it just me, or are the water levels in Super Mario Galaxy especially heinous. Ugh. I have all these stupid undefeated levels in SMG I and II just waiting for me. Bastards. HATE them.

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Those underwater Sonic levels were the worst

Not to mention the infamous Water Temple, although that’s not 2D.

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Does Spyro the Dragon count? That and Leged of Kane are the only ones I can think of that had underwater levels. I loved them in Spryo, Kane, not so much.

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the ones in kane were fuckin horrible indeed lol

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Generally in the 2D world, I found that if I could warp past an underwater level…I would. Moving was so often ridiculously unpredictable….

I will say, however, that my 3D underwater experiences were generally much better. I mean, seriously – the water temple in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was revolutionary – and revolutionary because it was AWESOME….

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Worst one ever on Crash Bandicoot when you’re trying to get a relic…the timed bit for those who don’t know. I mean, you’re going too slow to catch a cold & then the fuckers put you up against time…..arrgh!

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I think the only thing worse than water levels are escort levels. Because the person you have to escort 9 times out of 10 is just a dumb fuck that runs AT the enemies. I stopped playing RE4 when it turned into an escort game because of it. That bitch was retarded, though I did enjoy tellin her to go sit in a dumpster lol

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It depends. Spyro had some really fun underwater levels. But yeah, most of the time, they suck.

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@uberbatman Tru dat. Escort levels suck. Especially ones with time limits. I’m not a big fan of time limits either way though. FFVI and the floating island…even though it’s actually pretty easy…GTA Vice City Stories and that goddamn Boomshine Blowout Mission…GAAAG!

So today I wasted Launch Octopus and its underwater level on hard mode for Megaman Maverick Hunter X. Take that, you octopus bastard.

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@HungryGuy how does a fire breathing dragon function underwater?

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@uberbatman – It’s been a while since I played it, but I don’t think he can breathe fire underwater unless he gets the power-up. He can still charge, though :-)

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sounds kinda boring but ill take your word for it :P

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Mario can throw his fireballs under water.

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I always hated underwater levels in most games. I always hated the underwater section in MGS Sons of Liberty. I’ve enjoyed them in some of the Tomb Raider games.

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I DID IT! I thought of a good water level in video games. Captain America and the Avengers had a bitchin water level

then again that game was fuckin amazing. Never did beat it though. Fuckin red skull was an asshole…

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