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How to make a Monte Cristo?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) December 19th, 2010

I’ve heard of a sandwich called a Monte Cristo, and I’ve heard variations on how to make it. What is the best way, and is it any good?

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I just made one for my husband last Friday! Had not made one in years. My mom used to call it a croque, but I am pretty sure our family version does not really meet the standard of a French Croque or a classic Monte Cristo for that matter. I have never tried to find a classic recipe. I just basically make french toast, fry the first side, then flip over the bread and put ham on one piece and cheese on the other. Everything melts, and then put the sandwich together. Yum. I use swiss, like my mom, but for my husband I use Muenster. I would guess you could use fancier cheeses, and other meats. And, I have heard some put a bechemel (sp?) sauce or something similar. I guess you could use a hollandaise also?

I make mine with egg whites, and a little egg beater so it is very low in cholesterol.

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The way I’ve always seen a Monte Crisco prepared is this. You prepare a ham and swiss cheese sandwich, dip the entire sandwich in beaten egg (like French Toast), then fry it and serve it with syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar. I’ve seen them pan fried like you would prepare French Toast at home or cooked in a deep fryer. They were a big favorite of mine when I worked at the old Opryland theme park in Nashville. There was a restaurant in the New Orleans section of the park that made huge ones.

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@diavolobunneh I still can’t believe they got rid of the park and built that horrible mall.

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Actually, in a traditional Monte Christo, it is ham and swiss cheese and sliced turkey as well. You prepare the sandwich, then dip it into beaten egg, and then flour, and then fry it.

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Thanks guys! I’m-a be sure to try this one day soon!

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