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What's the best way to break in a baseball mitt?

Asked by andrew (16159points) April 14th, 2007
I stopped at little league, but now I have a new softball mitt I need to break in. Any suggestions?
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when i was a kid, we'd put mink oil (!) on it and massage it in, and wrap it shut tightly with rubber bands.
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My boyfriend puts a ball inside his and ties it closed with shoelaces.
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Put something really heavy on it (like a couch). Also, old school move was to put it under your pillow while you sleep...
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oil + ball inside + wrapped closed with a belt or shoelaces
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saddle soap .......put a ball in it ......put it under your mattress......and play with it by day......

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use it… a lot !

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My softball mitt (which I still have today) was lovingly soaked in a spray of WD-40 every night (just the pocket) and then a softball placed in it and then placed under my mattress.

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cover it with ALOT of glove conditioner and bake it.

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