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Whats the best way to loosen up a softball glove?

Asked by LuvBubble (140points) May 24th, 2009

I just purchased a softball glove, and would like to know ways of loosening it up. I know that they make lanolin products to help soften it up, but what other ways will help?

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Yeah a bit of vaseline should help soften the leather, also just wearing it and moving it in the way you would playing a game… manipuating it/rubbing the leather (gosh this is sounding a bit risque) But hopefully you know what I mean!

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Classic—>saddle soap, put ball in pocket, hold closed with rubber bands, and sleep with it under your pillow . . .

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You can use linseed oil or you can just pick up a can of baseball glove conditioning oil at any sporting goods store. That, and a lot of use should break it in nicely.

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I always use a multistep process to break-in my gloves. First, definitely use either vasoline or linseed oil (preferred) and stick a ball in the pocket. Take care to place the ball in such a way that the glove will wrap around it. This avoids the creation of a crease along the heel that could cause the glove to always want to close flat, rather than around a ball.

After the ball is situated, use duct tape to secure the ball in the mitt, and be sure to tape the glove as tight as possible. Leave the glove like this for a few days. After the time has passed, remove the tape and the ball, and the glove should still retain a nice little pocket even when not in use. To continue to break the glove in, invert the glove (this is done by pushing the webbing) periodically to ensure the mitt will bend and flex in both directions while still retaining the pocket.

Hope this helps!

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I agree with @Kayak8 That is what have done in the past that is the best response.

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get glove conditioner, rub it all over, then bake it

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Or better still, just get baked.

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Yes, you are right lanolin product is soften it and this is the wight way to help us. In Los Angeles Laker game which is have more use this glove and play very well.

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i put my baseball mitt under my matress for about a week and it worked very well

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