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Do any other men have a slight man-crush on mario chalmers like I do?

Asked by johnny (335points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone

LOL. He is the man though right? That game tying 3 was so sexy, was it not?

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Memphis was supposed to win! If anything I have a slight man-crush on Rose.

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Ah rose blows!!!

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I have no man crush on Chalmers but his shot was clutch. He will be a KU legend forever. Big ups to KU and their fans can’t wait until next March so my USC Trojans can try and make it out of the 2nd round.

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Rock chalk Jayhawk GO KU!

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What about Alex Chalmers? I’ve skated with him at the Red Dragons, in Vancouver B.C., Canada! He is a RIPPER!

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@rking yea right.

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that was a pretty amazing shot. changed the wholeeeeee game.

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