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Fluther - How is it different from Aardvark's ( service?

Asked by santoshannamalai (132points) December 23rd, 2010

I am already using a similar service (according to me) called “aardvark”. I would like to know how is it different from? What are the out-of-the-box features @fluther that I don’t see it on other similar services like aardvark?


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@YARNLADY I didn’t get you. Could you please explain? tx

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I’m saying it isn’t that different.

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All these fantastic Jellies are here

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Since most of us aren’t familiar with Aardvark, why not look around here yourself, check out some of the Q&As in the Meta section about Fluther features and make an assesment for yourself? We do have a great pool of members – hope you stay.

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I’m trying to look at, but it seems that, instead of posting a public question like on Fluther, the Aardvark service finds someone who matches topics of a question and is online to give a single answer.

Here, anyone can answer. Community is a huge part of what makes Fluther so awesome. Questions asked on Fluther start discussions, not a search for one person’s answer.

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When I looked at aardvark, I noticed what @Fred931 said. It seems to lack the sense of community. You cannot pick and choose what questions to answer.

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I wonder how many people wind up with only NSFW questions. ~

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This is not a service. We make no guarntees. If you ask a frivolous question, I at least, will give you a frivolous answer.

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@Trillian Don’t forget me following up with silly pictures.

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Jellyfish are respected monarchs of the sea.
Aardvarks are road kill.

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I just took a look at as well and it seems that it might be useful for recommendations, but not so much for discussion. Here there are a lot of “What do you think about…” and “What’s your favourite…” type questions that help to build the community that others have mentioned.
Almost every question asked here gets a ton of answers, and they’re often very different from one another. You get to see what other people think about a topic, and make friends along the way.

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Seeing the articles on it (thanks for hat link, @Seelix),! I agree with @Seelix.

It seems that aardvark is using social networks as a sort of smart search engine, and giving you an answer from a RT source. This site is less of a direct Q&A and builds a social network/community through people asking questions and responding.

If I wanted a one-off, sort of like tailored google search, I would use aardvark. If I want to see if there are questions I’m not even thinking of, and want to talk about and develop an idea, I’d come here.

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@Dog “monarchs”? Really? I feel more reverent already. ;-)

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The ladies here are much better looking.
also, we have cookies.

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It’s similar to aardvark in that we route questions—but we have much more of a web presence. Questions here are much more public. You normally get quite a bit more answers, more quickly here.

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@andrew Hi, it’s nice of you to drop by. Happy Holidays.

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@Dr_C and the men are stronger and the children are all above average.

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I can’t tell because Aardvark won’t let me on without a password and a username edit I tried and I never got an answer… Fluther is different because it is a community… while is a Question and Answer site.

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@Fred931 oops…I lost my glasses… I just followed the link you gave…. apparently I don’t know how sign in to ask a question if you are not living in The United States

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@talljasperman @Fred931 what is NSFW? @Blueroses @YARNLADY @andrew @Dr_C @Trillian @iamthemob @Seelix @Dog Thanks a lot guys. All your contributions have given me a clear picture about fluther! FYI am not from aardvark team lolz..Am just a kid wana know more about social media and I work for a startup company that owns moodler (, a social network (few weeks old) to track your friends’ moods.

I agree to the fact that I get to meet more people by asking a question. Either its funny or serious, people just bounce back and start interacting. I love asking funny questions to stir the fire in you lolz..will come back with more funny rocking questions. Tx a ton guys..Merry Christmas ‘n’ Prosperous New Year. Let this year bring all fortunes you deserve in life.


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@santoshannamalai NSFW = “Not Safe For Work”

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@Fred931 Do you think that my question is not safe for work? I am sorry if I have misunderstood your point.


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@santoshannamalai NSFW = porn or other inappropriateness that you wouldn’t want your boss seeing over your shoulder at work.

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the type of people you meet in here

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