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How can I find out whether my sixth sense is working fine?

Asked by santoshannamalai (132points) December 23rd, 2010

Lolz..Just trying to add some fun. But seriously, I would like to know whether it works best for me or not :P

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Think about it.

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Go have a chat & a sing-a-long with Elvis in Wal-Mart. He’ll enjoy the company :¬)

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Change the batteries and if you see no noticeable improvement, then it is working fine.

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Seriously, @YARNLADY is right. Think back to situations in your life and your instinctive response, and then think about whether it was proved correct.

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Do you see dead people?

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Go down to the batting cages, put on a blindfold, and try to hit balls.
If you hear Alec Guiness saying “Choke up!”, you are strong with the force.

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When the phone next rings, guess who’s calling without peeking at screen or picking up receiver.

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…...... Did you get all that?

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Next time you are about to stub your toe in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom, make a slight jag to the left.

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@santoshannamalai are you talking like Gaydar or what? I usually get that right. Although I’m usually sorely disappointed to be right. Dang! Another cute guy who wants only to be my friend. But on the other hand, I’ve got a handful of really great guy friends who appreciate Glee and shopping and and decorating for Xmas. Thanks fellas.

One of my female friends gets this really weird feeling in her stomach (not pain, but just something not right) hours before a major earthquake hits. I’ve seen her get the feeling, she starts describing it, then 8 to 12 hours later there’s the Haiti earthquake and then the one in Mexicali. I’ve heard that some animals can sense approaching earthquakes, why not some people?

I’ve had many a 6th sense about how some poor Fluther’s relationship is going to turn out (usually badly) simply by how they’ve worded their vague question (the subject of which usually has to do with some other topic other than their relationship and usually ends with—don’t tell me to do X,Y or Z because I won’t do it!) They usually come back later and say how their relationship has gone bad and they have to commence with X, Y and Z.

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Try thanking the frizzer to make sure the boy is still under the volcano. If you find him, shell just run.

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@YARNLADY @AGN @Trillan @gailcalled @seazen @filmfann @jlelandg @marinelife Ha ha ha..thanks a lot for all your great boooboo suggestions. Its all funny though I loved them. @Kardamom great thoughts..tx

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If you already knew what I was about to type, then your sixth sense is alive and kicking LOLL

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There is no sixth sense. it’s that simple.

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