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Do you do this (And it isn't writing confusing question titles)?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) December 23rd, 2010

I often type in what I think is a funny response and then realize it isn’t funny at all and a little rude which most of you are familiar with, finish it, and… decide not to post it and deliberately click the next activity button instead of the “Submit” button.

This obviously means my self-control is getting better, if not already awesome so-so, and I thought this was just an interesting habit of mine and wondered if anyone else did this.

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lol.. I always miss the “next activity” button and hit the “Answer” button I swear my mouse is fucking possessed

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I do often cancel my responses—not by the same method or for the same reason, but I do it. I take care to delete everything I wrote before clicking another button, just to make sure nothing gets away from me.

Good for you for self-editing. Many of the instantly snapped off wisecracks that get posted could have stood a moment’s pause for thought.

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I type my answers in notepad and try (operative word) to make sure I’m saying what is appropriate for the situation. Than I copy and paste to answer the question. It works out well for me (most of the time).;-)

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I’ve done that on occasion when I’ve written a response that seemed overly bitchy… even for me. :P

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Yep, except I just back button out. I don’t even know where the “Next Activity” link is.

I would say it happens to us all, but then just like real life, forums have their occasional blabber-brain who seemingly did not inherit the Edit/Delete function keys.

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It took me like four times to read your question and understand it! haha

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Yes, but usually not until after the second glass of wine.

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I do this all the time. Sometimes I’m a little sad about it if I’ve spent a long time writing a response only to realize I have no business answering the question at all, but I’m always happy when my realization comes before hitting “Answer!”

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