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Why are conversations with deleted bits of dialogue so intriguing?

Asked by peedub (8698points) April 8th, 2008

For example, a letter written to someone with fragments of it whited or crossed out, or a thread where comments have been removed can, at times, evoke the kind of feeling that is absent from a counter example including all the intended details. Even aesthetically, there is something very unique about them.

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Its the mystery of what could have been there.

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1. Mystery? I always want to know what some one wrote that caused a fluther mod to remove it, even though I know that I probably wouldn’t like it if I did.

2. This reminds me of when Peter Griffen wrote to Fox about the show Coach, and said how he missed the skillful acting of Craig T. Nelson, but a bottle of white out got spilled on it, and it ended up saying how he was going to kill Craig T. Neslon.

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Greener Grass Syndrome.

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People always want what they can’t have.

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(For the record, *unique is just that….never “very unique,”“sort of unique,” somewhat unique.” ) I scold on, against the tide…just an old lady’s idiocyncracy.

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When I was a tiny child, 3 of my uncles were in the Army (in WWII). They used to send me little letters that were mostly “the,” “and,” “a” and “love” due to the censors who blackened out all the military secrets that my Nuncs were spilling to a 4-year old. I still have one.

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wow gail thats pretty awesome. Were you ever able to figure out what any of the letters were actually about?

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Never; they were mostly unletters. And I wasn’t reading too well at the time, remember? However, one of my uncles was a navigator and sent me a picture of his little bomber plane with my name, The Gail Ann, painted on the side.

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hah good point you were young. I was kind of meaning now that you have one looking back or having talked to one of your uncles if they made it out alive. As far as the whole bomber plane goes thats awesome.

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By the time I might have gotten curious, my uncles had all married and split apart. I found the letter when I was an adult and we were cleaning out the attic of the home we grew up in. There was also a small b/w photo of the plane.

The “boys” as they were known way back then, all made it back but the last one died about 10 years ago. My mother is the only one left of that generation and she has NO memory at all.

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Thank you gail for sharing.

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@erratum. The plane must have been a fighter – one of little things that buzzed around w. great agility. Bombers were big, weren’t they?

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