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Can I leave a note on my door telling ups to leave my package if signature is needed?

Asked by O1linger (4points) December 23rd, 2010

Will ups leave my package at my door if I leave them a note even if a signature is required?

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It pretty much depends on the driver. This time of year, you shouldn’t have a problem with that, particularly if the item is being sent from a major retailer. Just leave a friendly note with your signature and you should be just fine. Good luck.

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Also, maybe explain that you need it for Christmas? Not if you live in an untrustworthy neighborhood though

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I have a note on my gate, and I have never had any problem with them leaving the packages. They slide them under the gate, onto my enclosed porch.

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You can leave a not, but your neighbor cannot sign in your behalf.

Especially, if you receive medicene by UPS or FED EX.

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