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Why I don't get my awards immediately?

Asked by Hedaru (351points) December 24th, 2010

I’m a new member here.
But I’ve already posted a question, answered a question, followed someone, etc. I saw I’ve received some badges on the right side, Community Feed. But I don’t see it in my profile.
Is there anything wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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The awards givers are out doing last minute shopping.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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Welcome to Fluther.

Don’t worry. They will be posted to your profile soon enough. Try not to worry so muvh about points and awards.

Enjoy the experience.

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No sense of humor, huh?

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I know what you mean, I have been here every day for over a month trying to get acouple of awards for the two week and the thirty day. The awards are not coming and I don’t know why. But its a good thing that isn’t the only reason I come here.
Merry Christmas Jellies!!
Love the Dr’s outfit, havent seen him dressed since Halloween.

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I never heard of people deliberately trying to get awards. Maybe that’s why you don’t have them. What an absurd idea. They don’t mean anything, and have no value IRL. Forget the stupid awards. I don’t even know what awards I have. Who gives a shit?

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I think the awards are calculated at intervals to help with load on the server. It’s pretty intensive I would imagine to calculate all of them so it does it when load on the server is low. At least that is what I suspect.

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You don’t have to be an award “seeker” to enjoy seeing the milestones. Especially for a new member, it’s friendly encouragement to keep going. Augustlan said on another thread that the awards are being wonky right now. It will catch up.

Welcome to fluther, @Hedaru

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@XOIIO – I do have, but after I flagged it the moderator then responded it as a Personal Attack. So ask the moderator.
@MissPoovey – Thanks, you know and understand what I said and feel.
@Trillian – I didn’t do it deliberately. I didn’t even know there’s a badges in this site since I came here.
@world_hello – Hm, that’s make sense.
@Blueroses – Thanks for the advance answer. I understand. I will wait for it. So I don’t need to worry.

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@Hedaru You got your deckhand award! I see it in the community feed. Congrats on your first 100 lurve ♥

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@Blueroses – Cool one for a new member like me. I guess I must wait to see it appeared in my profile. I think it’s only happen for the new jelly.

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I think they make you wait just so that it’s harder to figure the Atlantis ones out. :P

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@papayalily Even when you get those awards, is there an explanation?

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@Blueroses No, you still have to figure it out. Course, I’ve got all the answers…

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@papayalily – I’ve ever gone to Atlantis with my hamster. No need to worry. :)
@Blueroses – That’s the fun thing.

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@papayalily I’ll spank the answers outta you ;)
but I’m not touching the hamster.

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@Hedaru It wasn’t a personal attack, it was a way of letting you knwo to chill out and be patient. Oh well, it’s in the past and we don’t hold grudges here.

But is this gets marked as an attack, i might pop a blood vessel LOL

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@XOIIO move over, I’ll get modded off-topic too. I’m sure your answer was witty and I wish I could see it.

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@XOIIO – That’s okay actually. But really, it was like a personal attack, offensive joke. @JilltheTooth got a better appropriate joke. And for further info, ask the moderator why.

@Blueroses – You get the red carpet.

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now I am one happy jelly :)

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I like red carpet too, but when it’s shaven a bit, not all thick and ooooooooohhhhhhh…


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@XOIIO bwahh ha ha… i was thinking the same thing, but I’m a nice girl and all

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Sorry I only have a carpet for human

I think this thread is a little bit off-topic. Focus. Anything funny, but still related.

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