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How can we persuade the newcomers to fill out a profile?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) January 23rd, 2011

Getting to know you is one of the charms of fluther.

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Endorsement from a confectionary company. Free stuff for good profiles.
Or cigarette companies, lots of young people signing up you know…
A pack of 20 camels for each ‘Great Question’ after filling your profile.

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by being friends with them

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I’ve been here since March of 2009 and I still have’t filled out my profile. Some people just don’t or don’t want to. But I’m up for any legitimate offers and incentives that might persuade me to change my ways. I would get an award for it but that’s not enough.

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I might do it for a better avatar. I know I can upload my own, but I’m lazy. Perhaps if the profile questions were unusual…

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I think that the best way is to be friendly and to encourage people to do it. I guess we’re all curious about other people’s lives. But if we can’t or won’t talk about them, we could still put up something that speaks to our personalities.

@lillycoyote, it sure would be nice to know where you live and what kinds of things you do, and what kind of relationships you have. I’m sure others are curious, too. Of course, that’s not the point. It’s new people who are most reluctant to fill it out. I think they don’t know how long they are going to be with us, and whether it it worth filling it out. Then, by the time they decide to stay, they’ve forgotten about it.

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Milo here: Would an autographed 8/12×11” glossy photograph of me be an incentive? Annie Leibovitz is standing by.

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I would absolutely fill out my profile for an autographed picture of Milo if I hadn’t already completed my profile long ago. But can I still get one?

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I’ll ask him. JImmy the Greek would probably give you good odds.

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Point them to mine. It took three seconds, and is the best ever. ;-)

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I should probably redo mine. It took about 12 seconds in a fit of silly when I joined. But I still make pants.
@chyna : I’m still looking for the perfect fabric for you!

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Free T-Shirts.

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I know this has been shot down in the past, because people like the freedom and anonymity here -but I think at least a few profile fields would make people more likely to fill them out. My profile says very little about me, only because I can’t think of what the hell to write. Just my 2 cents.
I would come up with something if I got a free t-shirt, though. hah.

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“Hey you!!! Fill out your f*ckin’ profile!”

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I just put a few words in my story, and uploaded a picture. Where is the “profile”?

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I’ve not even got round to putting up a profile picture yet. hangs head in shame

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I would definitely spend more time and effort on my profile if there were fields to fill out. Legend has it that there used to be fields… What happened to ‘em?

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@Seelix they basically morphed into the topics.

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I notice that it is no longer called a profile but “your story.” That is vague enough to give you the latitude to share whatever you want with us. I find it helpful to know whether I am dealing with a teen-ager or an adult, a man or a woman, etc. I would couch a response to a 14 year old differently than a forty-year old. it’s also fun to see your quirks, charms, bêtes noires, idiosyncrasies, and what makes you sui generis.

I, for example, like to drop pretentious phrases in other languages into my repartée.

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And yet I notice that your “story” is sadly devoid of such pretentious-itude. You need to add a couple of those little black beasties….

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@JilltheTooth: As soon as I can remove the fingerless gloves, I will consider it. -8˚ outside and not much better here. Toasty where you are, ‘Zuppie?

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, my garage is frozen shut. That’s where the wood for the wood stove is. My furnace is working like a champ, but the house is ooold and so poorly insulated that it’s pretty damned cold here, too. Rumor has it we’ll be just really really cold tomorrow, instead of f***in’ gelid! My nose is cold.

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My profile is one sentence which pretty well sums me up. I also added the topics, which are a good way to get to know anyone.

I think giving them some points for filling out a few sentences might be an incentive. Maybe 5 points?

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Why do you need something to “fill out”? fluther is full of the most creative minds on the intrawebz!! Say a little something about yourself, upload a picture you like and there!! How to persuade people to do it? I dunno… I did mine to fulfill the narcissist in me.

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