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What is the weirdest thing to show up on your Christmas shopping list (As in others' requests)

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) December 24th, 2010

If I had given part numbers for air filters and valve cover breathers for my Pontiac, that would’ve taken the prize in my family.

But I’m sure someone can top that.

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MIlo asked for a mouse-sized pressure cooker.

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Empty rice bags of the woven polypropelyne variety.

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My oldest son lives in Sweden and asked me to send Graham Crackers. I sent a package with two boxes, plus a couple of other things he had requested, and it cost $40. Arrrrrrgh $40 for a box of crackers.

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With the economy taking such a crunch on everbodies budget, I have not been asked for anything, much less weird. The things that I have made are handmade and food items that are usually eaten during the hoidays. So my family is very patient.

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Don’t laugh. Hangers. I’m an organization freak and my old ones are starting to snap, crackle and pop. I don’t know what kind they are, but they came from QVC. All same color, because I’m nutso like that…scary. You would have thought I got a brand new car! Oh, new drapes for the living room! Oh, happy day!!

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