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What do I get my girlfriend for Christmas?

Asked by Kobe221 (4points) November 23rd, 2013

Okay so, my girlfriend and I have been together for almost a year, but just started officially dating about two months ago, and I have not a clue what I should get her for Christmas! I want it to be a gift that she will be amazed by, by unfortunately, I only have about $50—$75 to spend. She plays softball in the spring and basketball in the winter. She LOVES GLEE! She is very fashionable, and is always dressed very nice, and she really likes to wear jewelry. I also think that she likes softball a little bit more than basketball. She also really likes Lea Michele!
*Also, this is a High School relationship, if anybody is interested in age, because there are obviously many gifts that don’t necessarily apply to teenagers.

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I’ve never gone wrong giving anybody something I knew they wanted. Make your choice based on personal knowledge or by asking her friends and relatives. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make her happy.

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Because you’re both teenagers, and because you’ve been dating for just two months, I recommend staying the range of $25 – $50. If you give someone an expensive gift so early in a relationship, your generosity can be misconstrued as desperate or manipulative. She may be uncomfortable with something too pricey; her parents might think that you’re trying to “buy” their daughter or force a deeper commitment from her.

She loves jewelry, so a pretty bracelet could be nice. When you’re with her during the next couple of weeks, try to notice what styles she likes. Traditional or modern? Delicate and subtle or big and bold? Lots of colors or simple metals?

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I am also open to the idea of customized gifts too. I have seen some really nice things that are not necessarily the most expensive items. I wouldn’t know what though.

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Make a scrapbook – put pictures of you and her in it
Spa certificate
Nail certificate
Robe and slippers
Jewelry Box
Victoria secret gift set

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@Kobe221 “I am also open to the idea of customized gifts too.”

The most customized gift of all is a framed photograph of the two of you (or of her, you, and your circle of closest friends).

I love @Valerie111‘s suggestion for a nail certificate. Your girlfriend is stylish and cares about her appearance, so she’d likely enjoy a manicure. You could call her mother and ask for the name of your girlfriend’s salon.

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If she is all about style, giving her something in that area could end up being a big mistake if you chose something she doesn’t like. Gift certificates allow a lot of freedom, but shows little personal thought. Something different that she hasn’t seen, but fun, is where you want to go. In my lifetime I’ve gotten lots of jewlry which didn’t suit my tastes, a sweater I loved but had to donate because it was wool and I’m allergic. Trying to guess her style choices could end up leaving your gift regifted. Nobody listened to me on birthdays and Christmases when I said I had jewelry, accessories, music, and what I really wanted was tools. By the way, they make pink handeled tools for women now, complete with pink toolbox.
Do you have any opportunity to see some family photos or movies at her house? That is a way sometimes to get a clue. Another tricky little thing is have a catalogue from somewhere in your price range. Look through it when you expect to see her, lunch or something. Look at the toys. When she asks to see it, watch where she turns it to, sports, jewelry, figurines, whatever. Maybe she’d rather have a telescope, or Furby (I’m old, but I want one of THOSE) She might want something special she can kept with her, secret, that only you and she know about.

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@Jonesn4burgers wrote, “She might want something special she can kept with her, secret, that only you and she know about.”

A necklace with a pendant that opens and closes that you can put a special picture in.

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I live in aus and my brother got me some beautiful jewelry from a shop called spinning jewelry @Kobe221 maybe you can get her a gift card of $50 dollars for something and then she can buy something she really loves. It makes her fell as if she has had input into the gift, because she has.

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Why not just take her out for a great romantic dinner somewhere? You could enjoy a nice meal for around $40 ( I’m assuming you’re too young for cocktails or a bottle of wine haha ) and you could still give her some pretty little token gift, earrings, a bracelet. A romantic dinner with a gift at the table, short of proposing any woman would love that! Besides what most women want is INCENTIVE and IMAGINATION!

Planning ahead, telling her to dress up for a “surprise”, putting in the time and effort to make reservations, and a pretty little gfit wrapped package to “serve” her at some point in your evening. Well…trust me, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for all that effort. lol

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@Coloma What a fabulous idea, Laurie. Most teenaged girls have never been out on that sort of date – all dressed up, going to a good restaurant, and having a nice meal. (My high school boyfriends usually took me for pizza!) That would indeed by a special, memorable evening.

Best, Lori

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What about a really good book? It’s the best present for me.

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