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Would you rather do what's right or what you want?

Asked by OliviaR (120points) December 26th, 2010

When it comes to making a decision, we all have to choose either what is right that doesn’t always make you happy, or what you want that isn’t always right. Which one would you rather choose? What’s right? or what you want?

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I would rather choose what I want but what I rather do and what I will do is two different things. Most people would rather do what they want but they won’t admit it. I“m tired of being the only selfless person on the planet. I am surrounded by selfish people everywhere I go. The rare occasion when I do make a decision based on what I want and my best interests people yell at me calling me selfish. I’m not selfish, they are. They are used to using me for what they want and when they can’t get me to go along with what they want they get pissed. People make me sick.

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It totally depends on the situation.

By the way, the two things are not always at odds. Sometimes what we want is what’s right.

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I have found that doing what’s easy for me often turns out to have long-term ramifications. In the long-run, doing what’s best for me is doing the right thing, even if it’s difficult to do at the time that I’m doing it.

“Happy” is a temporary state, and changes, so you generally get better mileage out of doing the right thing.

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I see… it would be the best if what’s right was what I want.
Doing the right thing is so hard sometimes.
and yea, people do make me sick, too, but I do tend to please them and give them what they want. After all, in the end, that makes me happy as a giving person… I am satisfied and happy if I sacrifice myself for someone. Ha…
I like those quotes btw.

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In many cases, it seems to me that what is right and what one wants is pretty much the same thing. In my opinion, there is a difference only when you do not take the long term view. In the long term, the right thing to do is the thing that best serves your self interest. It is only in the short term where the two can be different. People who are unable or unwilling to consider the impact of their actions can easily choose short term interests over long term. But if you understand the impact of your choices, then you have to be willfully and stupidly selfish in order to not choose the right thing.

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I’d rather do what I want, sometimes but I will always do what is right.

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To give you all an update…
I ended up choosing what I want over what’s right.
In any case, thanks guys for your advice =)

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