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Do you make all your best decisions in the blink of an eye?

Asked by SatouKimu (121points) September 21st, 2011

Just wondering. I’ve been known to make crap decisions after I weigh out pros and cons. How about you? Do your spontaneous decisions seem to be the best ones? Any examples?

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I think I’m getting better at it. If I get an immediate sense of uneasiness, then I say no.

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Not necessarily. Though I do always know instantaneously if something feels right.

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Yes. Usually I pick the right ones really fast. Sometimes I don’t but that’s life, can’t get all things right.

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The fact that I instantly feel “yes!” weighs into my pro side of the list. I’ve only been wrong a couple of times…MAJOR wrong! Life changing wrong! But only a couple of times. : )

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When deciding anything trivial, like what snack to get for movie night, I am incredibly indecisive.
However, when listing pros and cons, I generally make better decisions.
If I’m just trying to decide on a yes or no solution, the one I had right away is usually best, but even knowing that, I tend to hop back and forth on what to do.

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It depends more on whether I’ve been stressed out, sleep deprived or well-rested. Or, whether I have all of the correct data.

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I make a lot of good decisions by thinking things through. This works best when there is enough time to analyze a situation fairly comprehensively.

Snap decisions are made when there is no time to make a decision or when the consequences of making a bad decision aren’t that significant.

I’ve made good decisions both ways, and I’ve made bad decisions both ways. So, no. I do not make all my best decisions in the blink of an eye.

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I make all of my decisions quickly. I think they are mostly good. But I wouldn’t say that those decisions I make the fastest are the best.

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No…my ”best” decisions come from careful deliberation.

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I agree with @Cruiser

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Well, no, not always. Sometimes the blink of the eye decisions work out because I jump right past my fears and apprehensions, and those may be the things holding me back but sometimes my blink of the eye decisions have ended in total disaster. I have just tried to learn, and I’m still working on it, when it is fear that is holding me back and still make careful, considered decisions. Decision making and making good judgements is not an exact science.

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No, I don’t think I constently make good decisions either quickly or after deliberation. Nor do I have a preference for how to decide something. Sometimes, the speed of the decision is dictated by the circumstances; other times I just have a feeling about the outcome. Doesn’t mean I’m more likely to be right.

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Yes, because these are the ones that arise from the gut. They are the choices that are intrinsically born.

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I’ve either been blessed or cursed with the ability to make gut decisions that are from the perspective of ‘the big picture’. What is a struggle is being strategic about carrying it out. The ultimate goal is clear, but it takes the collaboration of others to map out the plan in order to bring it to fruition. I’ve learned to rely on the wisdom and assistance of others. It takes longer, but the results are often much better than had I acted on gut instinct.

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A lot of times it takes me too much time to come to terms with my decision. I’ve made the decision more or less instantly but then go through all the pros / cons only to realize that my instantaneous decision was right all along.

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