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How do I print onto a CD with the Canon Pixma MG5220?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) December 26th, 2010

I just got the Canon Pixma MG5220 for christmas is a great machine and am wondering, where do I put the CD in to print on it? There is a little thing you can pull down when the paper tray is down, and there is a slot, it that it?

I am also wondering, I heard it doesn’t have a transperancy adapter, what does that do exactly?

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Have you tried reading the instructions? Or looking on canons website?

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The intructions and website don’t have much help.

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So I don’t think you print onto a cd. You print onto sticky paper that you then put onto the CD. These will work.

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It was advertised that you can print onto the dvd’s and cd’s that have the labels, i guess I’ll have to scour the manual again.

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@XOIIO If it could do that – print directly onto dvds and cds – that would be a major feature and it would be listed on the website.

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Well It was advertised in the store, the manual in the box and on my pc didn’t show the slot location so I’n still looking.

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@XOIIO At the moment, the only home printer that can print directly onto cds is the Epson Stylus Photo R800.

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Well I checked and many canon printers can print CD’s with an attachment, and mine has a CD labeller program that has printable disc as the default. It looks like I need to buy an adapter for it.

Yup, there are plenty of different adapters on ebay, I jsut need to figure out which kind I need.

Just found the CD tray in the box! WOOT

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Hi I have a canon pixma mg5220 and am trying to print onto a printable cd. i have finally found the slot where the cd tray goes. but everytime i press ‘print’ the printer says ‘the printers inner cover is open. close the cover ad press OK’. Please help. there is nothing in the manual about this.

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@ellymag not sure, try opening everything up then closing it, and print on a piece of paper, then tr a CD

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