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What's the difference between BK and PGBK black ink?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) January 19th, 2011

MY printer has BK, and a secons cartridge, PGBK which is twice as big, both are black ink. Is the smaller one a back-up for when the big one runs out?

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I believe you have a Canon Pixma like my wife’s. The PGBK is for photographic black and the BK is type print – regular printing.
Both tanks need to be maintained. If you run out of one you will have to replace that cartridge.

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@tropical Yes, the mg5200. If I don’t print photos does tge pgbk ink not get used at all?

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That is what I understand. My wife got the Pixma for printing of photos for display. It is for use on photo paper for DEEP black.

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That doesn’t sound right. My PGBK tank is used must faster than the BK. My BK lasts much longer, though it’s smaller. I never print photos, just text, and always choose “grayscale” so my color inks won’t run out faster. Is that using up my PGBK faster ???

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