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What are you known for?

Asked by Berserker (33514points) December 26th, 2010

I asked something similar in Meta not too long ago, but that was about the perception of people towards other people on Fluther. And now, I mean in real life, not on here.
What do your peers know you for, at least, as far as you can tell, have been told, wtv? Personality, some trait that sticks out, a hobby, an obsession, an achievement, a feat, super long hair, what?

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My extreme negativity.

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My humor and straightforward personality, my writing, my geese, and my signature pigtails. lol

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@Coloma Your pigtails are awesome. :D

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People often comment about how calm I am, and how quiet. It’s not exactly how I see myself, but I hear that pretty often, from different people, so I guess it’s how I’m perceived.

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So are your slurpees. lol

Symbeline is known for her passion for slurpees. ;-)

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Being courageous positive and fun

Wow. Never put it into words
Thanks !

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I get that I’m known for taking my time to do the right thing, Instead of hurrying through it. Most of the time it works in my favor. I’m good to animals.

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@Coloma If I ever design my own slurpee brand/flavour/whatever I’m totally calling it Zombees. And if that’s already taken I’m committing suicide. Don’t think I won’t.

@Crossroadsgrl No prob, I hope it helped for real. :)

@woodcutter Cool, animals rock. Have any pets?

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Brutal honesty and integrity. I’m very determined and consistent as well.

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I’m known as the unsocial one, the quiet one. For some reason this also translates into people thinking I am formidable in some way. People always say they wouldn’t want to fuck with me, whatever that means. I am also the one people come to when they feel like they are being taken advantage of and want advice. I guess I am known for not allowing myself to be taken advantage of.

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The one who likes spatulas.

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@Vunessuh ’‘smacks your ass with one’’ :D

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@Symbeline Oh sure, we have several. The wife is hinting for me to stop getting more. The newest is a stray kitten that took most of the summer to trust me enough to pick him up. He’s our full time out door animal so he sort of doesn’t count…as much. We got him to the vet for shots and a dose of frontline so he’s a lot better off than the Toms that were beating the crap out of him. All he has to do is stay out of the road and he should be fine. He has moved up to the house on the porch and stays in a special cardboard box with a cat bed and a purple heat lamp in the top. And I put a piece of window glass in for him to see out.
We have cats, dogs, and fish. We have had parrots, rabbits, turtles, and lizards. At one time we had a chipmunk that would come inside the house and grab peanuts out of a toy scooby doo van, the “mystery machine” it think it was called.


Without trying to sound vain, having a fairly good physique and being an excellent swimmer. I try not to let it get to my head, and I don’t. Lol.

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@woodcutter Aaaaaaaaw lol :D

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My eclectic interests and the depth to which I pursue them.

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Well I can only go by what others have pm’ed to me. Some have said I have the voice of reason.
So I’m guessing that is what I may be known for. Others like my avatar.
But you would have to ask others what they know me for. I’m sure some are flattering and others are not because I am constantly changing.

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my honesty…humor and desire for freedom

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I’m known for being reasonable, nocturnal, *prolix, and retentive.
*Psych! ;-p

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For being happy every single day.

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Being uniquely me

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Locally, I have become something of a celebrity—known for my frequent, feculent farts.

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I’m known among my friends for my artistic talent, and for being nice.

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I am known for my autistic talent and my dyslexia

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My favorite color is khaki and if I have to dress respectably it is almost always in black, grey tan, basically camo colors! But when I go to work for some reason, this flamboyant streak emerges and I wear the most outrageous colors and combinations. So that is my claim to fame, my audacious work wear.

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Being a nocturnal human being, a chain smoker, and a deep thinker. Also, having red hair and being nice.

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I’m known for my extremely long toes (I wear size 13 shoes and my toes cover 4 inches of that 13..)! Seriously. Also, known for being upbeat and fun.

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I am renown for hosting dinner parties. I’ve never had a refusal… to date.
I am hosting one on Wednesday… everyone welcome!!! Jump on a plane and you will be there in no time LOLL
Also my blue eyes I am told.
Oh and all my neighbours come to me to beg/ask for my plants in my greenhouse which I grow from seed. Always happy to oblige.

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My cooking, my ability to build, fix and repair most anything, my sense of humor, my love of music, yoga and the outdoors and my really loud guitar playing!

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I am known for my pragmatic approach. I am empathetic to some extend. I don’t judge people. Rather I interact to know more about them and learn if there’s something new and striking.

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For being passionate and loyal. For being able to speak well before a crowd, for being a leader. For being able to stand up for myself and others and for being able to emotionally destroy those that hurt me and/or deserve it. Many people find me to be intimidating just by looking at me and other people perceive me as a push-over, it’s really paradoxical.

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Quickness in understanding and wit, knowledge of literature, perceptiveness, baking ability

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I am known for my humor, being a hard worker, and for having an odd-ball way of looking at things. That allows me to find unexpected solutions to difficult problems

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I am known for my imaginative gift giving – I’ll pick up on something someone says in a passing moment that seems to hold meaning for them, and go seek something out that fits… (I love doing that!)

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@harple What a considerate person you are!:))

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@lucillelucillelucille ha ha! Aren’t I great?! ~

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Bad—that is to say, good—puns.

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@harple Yes,and there needs to be more people like you.:)

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Being funny.

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My chocolate chip cookies and baby magnetism.

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For being the family photographer/documentor and for being the only vegetarian in our family. People still think, that after 20 years, that it’s just so exotic and strange and difficult to deal with.

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My love of dogs and my hero worship of Cher and Barbra Streisand people aren’t always nice about the Cher and Barbra fascinaton that I have but at least I spring to people’s minds when they see/hear these two ladies!

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My sister is the one with extremely long hair. Seriously, it goes about 5 inches below her waist. But me….I think probably I would be the one that talks a lot, or the one that plays with all the kids. Or maybe Jenny’s older sister.

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I known for my extreme amounts of sarcasm, and for the vast amounts of liquor and beer I can consume. I’m known for being one of the last soldiers standing at parties. ;P

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I’m known for starting lots of things, but not finishing them (e.g. master’s degree, art studio, music lessons, writing, reading books, and other projects).  I’m known for being creative, and using my creativity to minimize task-work.  I’m known for having an Excel spreadsheet for almost every project, but not using the system to get things done.  I’m known for being a thinker and a feeler, for being passionate and compassionate.  I’m the one who will help a stranger in need without expecting a reward.

I’m known for my quirky sense of humor, and my snarky sarcasm.  I’ve been known to pull a few pranks, even as a full-grown adult!  I’m known for being moody and serious, kind and loving, thoughtful and forgiving, impatient and demanding. I’m known for strongly disliking status quo. See the boat rocking?  I might have nudged it!

I’m known for having good days and bad days, with my physical and mental health. I’m known for being smart and witty, mischievous and wise.  I’m known for worrying and being impatient, and yet I’m tenacious and long-suffering.

I’m known for having tons of interests, and for not specializing in one thing. I’ve hobbies, but they’re more random than consistent to be considered noteworthy.  I’m known for complex, rambling sentences.  I’m known for repeating myself. I repeat myself sometimes. Sometimes I repeat in order to make myself be heard or to get my way.

Oh, which reminds me, I’m known for being competitive and for working hard to “get it my way.” I’ve been known to wear people down with my persistent charm (a.k.a. Using creative tacticts to get what I want). I’m known for thinking this is true, when in reality, I don’t always get what I want. (Remember the song?  You don’t always get what you want…) I’m known for wanting and trying to help others, as getting what want doesn’t mean I’m entirely self-centered.

I’m known for being a couch potato who has dreams of being physically fit and healthy. I’m known for having health problems (bad back, auto-immune diseases, etc.) I’m known for trying to be physically active in spite of this (e.g. Many years ago I once repelled off the back of a stadium while participating in ROTC; a few months ago I road my bike to work – over 7 miles away; I used to walk at least a mile or two a day because of work; and until recently I was eating healthily until I started chemo).

I’m known for lots of things, but only a few close peeps know me.  I’m known for wanting to be outgoing, but I’m usually the one holding up the wall.  I’m known for wanting closure, and always keeping things open-ended…

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For my dry and sarcastic sense of humor. And my gorgeous children.

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I’ve been told that I’m fairly well-grounded and yet playful (when it rains, I take friends out to go splashing in puddles). I’m also told that I’m super driven when I have a goal in mind. Contrary to the well-grounded thing, I’ve also been told that I have a specific brand of stress/worry that my friends call “frantic pessimism”. I don’t really know what they mean by that to explain it well….

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Knowing lots of random shit.

@casheroo Did you ever post pictures of them with you? If it is you who I’m thinking of, they are indeed terribly awwtastic.

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@bob_ Care to share some random shit?

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@bob_ Yes. I’m also know for spamming pictures all over fluther of my awesome spawn

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@Symbeline Coca-Cola factories operate 24 hours a day, every single day.

@casheroo Awwww! (I think I was thinking about pictures that you posted for some contest one of them was in, by the way.)

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@bob_ That freaks me out. Damn you, Coke. ’‘Shakes fist’’

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Coke also will take what they consider to be a ‘reject’ batch and add bits of that to the batches that pass muster and get sent out for drinking. True story: I boinked a dude who worked at Coke.

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And it’s bad for your teeth.

Man, I want a Coke.

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@MissAnthrope I guess it’s true; RC Cola really DOES stand for recycled Coke.

I’ll stick with beer.

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@bob_ I’m with you, I really need a coke!

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I seem to be known for my big hair, for being that annoying person always with a camera, and for being on the net a lot, and hopefully for some other things too.

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My laid back, objective nature. And for having lots of ‘useless information’ (as my ex used to call it) in my head… They call me ‘google’ in the office.

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