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What is there to do in Charleston, SC?

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 27th, 2010

I am in Charlotte, right now, sugars, with my g/f’s family. My girlfriend and I are heading to Charleston in an hour. We are going shopping on King Street, going for a carriage ride, are going to drink and check out some pretty old houses, but, what else? Specific places would awesome. :)

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I used to live in Charleston, but moved when I was only 14. It’s beautiful. and that’s one of the only nice things I have to say about it.

-You could visit some old plantations, like Drayton Hall.
-There really are some gorgeous grand old houses. Rainbow Row is particularly popular, although I could never really understand why.
-Is King St the one with the old outdoor markets?
-From what I remember, the Omni Hotel has good shopping, but since I haven’t been there in so long, it might not be as good as I remember or even still exist. I also remember the Omni had great Christmas decorations.

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Have fun! :))
Go see some Dixieland jazz somewhere!

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Thanks, girls!

@lucillelucillelucille Will do. Miss you, girl!

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@Jude See ya sometime in Jan-Feb! :))

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@Jude There’s a Holiday Festival of Lights at the James Island County Park running through Jan 1. and a Fantasy of Lights at the Swan Lake Iris Gardens on Liberty Street in Sumter SC and also Fort Sumter if you are in to history.

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Oh, walk around the Battery when you do your pretty old house walk. If you’re into history, you’ll probably love Charleston. And take lots of pictures for your FB please. :)

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Carriage ride is a great idea: Palmetto Carriage is my favorite. Every tour is different and every guide tells you a different story!
South of Broad is the spot for old homes. Although the bigger streets (Murray Boulevard, South Battery, East Bay, King & Meeting Streets) have beautiful old homes, the smaller streets that connect them (Tradd Street, Water Street) are fantastic little alleys to wander around in for hours taking pictures.
Some great drink (and eat) spots: Vendue Rooftop has a great bar that gives you a great view of the city, and they recently updated their food menu. Fleet Landing is a great waterfront restaurant with a fantastic outdoor bar (that has super heaters!). The rooftop bar at Market Pavilion hotel is beautiful but a little more expensive.
As for restaurants, there are tons. Some of my favorites: Cafe Lana, FIG, High Cotton, Trattoria Lucca, Charleston Grill, Amen Street, Cru Cafe & Basil. Lucca is this tiny joint that’s kind of “in the hood,” but they have some fantastic dishes. FIG’s Chef was recently on Food Network’s Iron Chef (and lost by a narrow margin of 3 points)! Basil is consistently rated best Thai. There are wonderful restaurants on every street, but there are also quite a few “touristy” spots that I would avoid…you’ll know them when you see them!
King Street is the place for shopping downtown. From Market to Broad, there are tons of beautiful antique shops (and nicer stores like Ralph Lauren). From Market to Calhoun is where you’ll find the chain stores: JCrew, GAP, Urban Outfitters, etc. The Open Air Market on Market Street is fun (albeit crowded) for little trinkets and is an experience that can’t be missed when visiting Charleston, as it is a big part of our city’s history and has recently been renovated.
Other spots of interest: don’t miss Waterfront Park. Bundle up and go catch this city gem with its beautiful fountains, lovely pier with huge swings, and harbor views. Also, when you find the giant round marble stones, hop on, stand in the center with your back to the water and speak…they’re called echo stones! Marion Square is in the center of the city and is where we have all of our festivals. I’m not sure if they’ve taken the tree down yet (I doubt it), so that’ll be neat to catch. It’s a great view of the old Citadel building (now the Embassy Suites) and St. Andrews Lutheran church. White Point Gardens (what most people call The Battery) is beautiful and holds a lot of historical meaning.
Hope you enjoy your stay in our fair city!

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