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Should I buy a Nintendo DSi within the next 3 months?

Asked by owenburnett (183points) December 27th, 2010

I have a Nintendo DS and want to get a new DSi (my DS is getting on in years). When is the product cycle over for the newest DSis that are out now? If i get one within the next 3 months, will there be a newer, slimmer, better version of the DSi that will come out soon after? I want to know if this is the best time to get a DSi and not get screwed with a newer and better model.

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If you want a new DSi, go for it. The 3DS is where it’s at at the moment, so you don’t need to worry about any updated or improved versions of already existing DS handhelds coming out.

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If you like it, go buy it. Nothing to worry if you have the money.

Actually, for the next 3 months, I don’t think there will be a newer version.
Nintendo is now too focused on console platform like Nintendo Wii.
(That’s what I think)

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it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll release a new model before the 3DS or for awhile after. However, given Nintendo history, I wouldn’t doubt that they’ll make another revision before they shut the doors on it. I would probably use that release to my advantage on eBay since a lot of people are probably wanting to sell their old one to help pay for the new one. If you’re really wanting a DSi, going the resale route would be key I think.

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I’ve had my DSi since it came out. I’m not exactly happy with it. It’s not a bad handheld by any means. It’s just sort of…pointless. The camera is worse than most phone cameras. The internet is slow when it works and after only a few pages it runs out of memory. Once this happens you can’t load any new pages. It was rumored that you would eventually need a camera to play ds games, but very few have come out with that as a requirement. The music player is decent at best. But, sadly, probably the best addition in terms of how it works. Also, if you play gba games, you’ll need an actual Gameboy Advance since the slot has been removed in the DSi.

If anything, I would either get a DS lite or wait and get the 3DS. The DSi was more of a stepping stone that became obsolete only a year or so after it was released. If you’re set on getting the DSi, then go ahead. But after the initial playing around with the features, you probably won’t use the camera, internet, or music player. I only use it to play DS games which is what you can do with any of the DS systems.

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I was actually only wanting a new DSi since the DS I have now is old and a little beat up- I didn’t even think about the practical uses for the DSi- I think I will just get a newer used DS lite and wait for the 3DS- Any idea on when that will come out?

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@owenburnett – Probably still months away, spring 2011.
But it’s already available for pre-order.

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