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Could not washing hair or applying any hair oil be a reason for hair loss?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) December 30th, 2010

I have not applied any hair oil from a couple of months.My dermatologist asked me not to apply any oil on my hair because my skin is oily and I used to have pimples.
But I also stopped washing my hair because i wanted my hair to retain their natural oil if I am not supposed to apply any oil externally.
I have very few or no hair on the sides of my forehead.I used to have hair at those places earlier.Is it that with age we lose some hair from that area? But I am only 19.I also see many people with hair like that.Nothing serious but I am worried now.
What should I do?

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I dont use shampoo. And at the risk of sounding full of myself I have extremely nice and healthy hair. Its soft and silky and not falling out :P So I dont that is why in your case but I really dont have any actual evidence though just personal experience.

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@uberbatman so you wash your hair with plain water? and how often do you comb them?
what oil do you use? and how often do you oil your hair?

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Hair does not need external pil applied to it.

Hair should be washed to look healthy and clean.

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@gamefu91 Welcome to getting bald, I started hair line movement UP when I was 13 years old. I have school pictures to show difference.

Wash your hair with good neutral ph shampoo, once a day. You don’t need oil or conditioner.

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Hair loss is due to genetics. I don’t know whether this is true, but I’ve heard that the “hair loss gene” is passed on through the X chromosome, so even if your dad had a full head of hair until he turned 90, you could still be susceptible to the patterns on your mom’s side of the family.

Men (and women) often lose their hair as they get older. Sometimes it’s from the front (think Bruce Willis) and sometimes it’s from the crown of the head. It has nothing to do with how often you wash your hair.

That being said, you don’t need to wash your hair every day. You ought to wash it occasionally, though, or at the very least, rinse and comb in the shower. Buildup of natural oils on your scalp = not pretty, and it won’t smell very pretty, either.

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@gamefu91 I take a shower every other day and just wash my hair with just water while running a comb through it and working my fingers through it real good. I try and brush my hair every morning but ive gone days without doing that lol

no oil

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I know other people who wash their hair as @uberbatman described. My understanding is that their is a bit of a transition period where it looks dirty or greasy, but their hair soon starts to look as nice as it did when they were using shampoo and it feels healthier.

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@Supacase yeaaaaa the first like 2–3 weeks are hell lol. It feels disgusting as hell, your head is itchy and it gets knotty real easy. I kept telling myself I was just going to grab the bottle of shampoo and be done with it lol. Then I went camping for 4 days so washing wasnt even an option. When I got back my hair was filthy, but after that shower it was and since has been a lot nicer than it was back when I used shampoo.

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hair loss is caused by many factors, genes, stress, chemicals we use on our hair etc.

Maybe you’re too stressed thus even if you’re no longer using external hair products your hair still gets thinner, or maybe its actually on your gene’s, any family member who’s also experiencing hair loss?

My wife shampoo’s her hair daily but uses hair conditioner afterwards. She applies VCO once a week and visit’s the salon once every few months for hair treatment like hot oil and hair spa. She rarely uses electric hair curler’s and ironing tools and there’s always a few strands of long hair on our bathroom, on our pillow actually everywhere in the house but not the alarming kind.

I actually asked her for tips, LOL, she said don’t comb your hair when wet or use huge tooth combs (dunno what that is).

Use VCO or any hair oil that promotes hair growth, make sure to use hair bands to prevent it from running down your face to prevent pimples or find that one product that wont make your skin irritated.

Aloe vera is also a good option.

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