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What first time experiences are most memorable to you & what makes them so?

Asked by ucme (46539points) December 30th, 2010

Oh you know, first time you had sex…drove a car…..kissed someone passionately….... flew in a plane….the list is practically endless. Of all those initial incidences, which do you rate or at least remember as the most exhilirating or worthwhile?

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first time ever i saw your face.

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I will never forget the first time I took DMT. It was like a lock was permanently unlocked in my brain and from that point on I’ve had a completely different world view.

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First time I was ever shot at was pretty memorable, I’d say. I mean shot AT, where they were actually aiming at lil ole ME!

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yeaaaa doesnt exactly seem like something one would forget.

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LOL! Nope! First thing that went through my mind was, “Hey! Why’re they shooting at ME? I’m a nice guy!” No Lie! LOL!

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First time eating psychedelic mushrooms… the colors… the music!
Much more impressive and memorable than the first sexual encounter.

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I can’t remember…

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@mammal I’ve told you before, if you wanna get all schmaltzy do it via PM! Discretion & all that you know.

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The first time I helped someone who was depressed.

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The first night that MIlo and I spent together. We were both inexperienced and shy. The next day he got sick so we had our first trip together to the vet’s, his first overnight at the vet’s and then my first vet’s bill.

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The first time I had sex and used cocaine – happened the same night at pretty much the same time. Yeah, that was memorable.

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Okay, this is going to make me sound like a kleptomaniac, but one of the most memorable “firsts” I’ve had was the first time I stole something. Although I think it was more of a prank, and I gave the item back after people found out.
I was in high school and on the school’s newspaper. We didn’t have any proper chairs, just those hard-backed ones. So one of my friends said that we should steal a couch from this teacher who had one in her room for the student government kids to enjoy. We stole this Lazyboy chair instead, and it was awful carrying it down stairs. My friend and I both weighed about 100 pounds and never worked out a day in our lives at this time.
Well, we were caught carrying the Lazyboy back to our classroom, but we kept it for about a week before returning it.
I say this was my most memorable “first” because it was the first time I’d done something where I could’ve gotten into trouble, and it was a total adrenaline high. Looking back though, it was really juvenile and sort of stupid. I also for a time would think about stealing other stuff because I’d had so much fun the first time, but I always returned it.
So I also learned from this “first” that I don’t really have it in me to professionally steal things, since I always return them….

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The first time I gave birth. I had no idea I could love someone that much, instantly. It was just as amazing when my son was born.

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My first real kiss.

Being pregnant and having my first baby.

Falling in love.

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First kiss, yeah, first mm-hmm, yeah, but also:

The first time I rode a plane. It was a week after I graduated from uni, Midwest Express. The whole plane, which I think was a 727 was first class, and they could do this because the were only a regional carrier. I decided to move to NYC in a way that was a treat to myself as well as an appropriate was to close a chapter in my life. My ears popped like crazy, which they don’t do anymore when I fly.

The first time I was tall enough to ride the adult roller coaster, I was 12. It was my 12th birthday at what was then known as Marriott’s Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. I sat in the front car. :D

I also remember the first time I rode The Cyclone at Coney Island. I was 26. It was the Saturday before Memorial Day I didn’t get to sit in the front car. :(

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I’m with @CaptainHarley on this one. The first time I ever got shot at is absolutely my most memorable experience.

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Set ya free, won’t it, @josie ? : D

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@CaptainHarley It makes very clear the old saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

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Amen, bruddah, amen! : )

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@Vunessuh Haha almost like me! Except the first time I had sex I was all drunk. And people keep saying loosing your virginity is this corny, memorable ass shit…not always, not in the real world. XD
It was still pretty cool though. I mean, it’s the only first sex experience I’ll ever have. XD

@CaptainHarley Eeep, when I stop to think about stuff like that, you guys are pretty brave lol. I’d piss myself if someone pointed a gun at me, never mind actually shooting it in my general direction. Thanks for sharing though, I don’t hear something like that every day.

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@SavoirFaire Aww, never mind. I bear you know ill will, even though that wasn’t exactly a “strong opinion” now was it?

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@ucme The problem is, I really can’t remember a lot of these first-time experiences, at least not vividly enough for me to say they were particularly memorable. A lot of them were important, of course. My wedding, for instance. But the commotion was such that neither my wife nor I can really remember much of what happened. I suppose that’s why we hire photographers.

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Several of the bullets came so close I heard them buzz like bees in my ear! I remember being not very amused. : )

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