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Difference between China roses and regular roses?

Asked by PrimeMinister3 (29points) December 30th, 2010

What is the difference between China roses and regular roses?

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There’s no such thing as regular roses. I’m not sure which rose you’re thinking of, but they are simply a sub-sect of roses, same as the China rose.

One of the oldest roses associated to the garden roses is the moss rose which is named for the reddish and green moss present on the flower buds. The blossoms are delicate and pink. Similar to every rose, it prefers a soil whose side is heavy but is not fussy. A sunny weather is also important.

The gallica roses are ancestors of the modern roses and played an important part in the evolution of moss rose. The rosa gallica is known as French rose, it is rather slack shrub and grows barely ever more than 5 feet high with saucer like pink blossoms. Its partner is known as Rosa gallica var. officinalis and has a similar habit but with perfumed, semi-double and crimson flowers. An old cottage garden rose also exists and is commonly referred as Rosa mundi. Damask roses are derived from R. damas-cena which is short and shrubby with large clusters of red, white or pink rich perfumed flowers besides nasty thorny stems.
In modern catalogues, there are countless named cultivars but for interest and cottage garden authenticity, the double soft pink ‘Trigin-tipetala’ is more recommended as an old kind used in production rose’s attar.

There is no place for rambling and climbing roses but the variety that remains is still irresistible. The relatives of moss rose like the cabbage rose, R. centifolia are an utter delight. Another delicate China rose known as R. chinensis is the ancestor of the pleasant fairy roses. R. rugosa is equally at home in a difficult corner. There are also dwarf burnets roses (R. pimpinellifolia), having low groves of thorny branches with sweet scent swarmed during early summer.

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