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How does one be romantic?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1784points) April 13th, 2014

However you feel one can be romantic, tell me and describe it.

Or what do you think is?

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Just be yourself and stay true to your partner.
Love is something you feel inside for that other person. Spark that emotion up and make it stronger. Spend your time and attention rather than focusing on buying flowers and cards and ways to please your partner. Even the little things people do for each other like giving a quick hug when you get home or asking about the day etc can win a heart over!

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Is being romantic and love exactly the same thing?

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I think being romantic is showing that you are thinking about the other person and putting them first even when they’re not there. Flowers are romantic because they show that you saw something beautiful and it made you think of them.
The most romantic things come from knowing the person and being inspired by them. When someone sees a beautiful bridge and it makes them think of the love of their life who happens to be an engineer and plans a picnic in its shadow to share the beauty, or when someone understands so well that their love enjoys gardening and buys them a special heirloom potato plant.
The most romantic things come from knowing the heart of the other, getting out of yourself and doing things to please them.

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Ramance is keeping yourself within reality, knowing who you are, what you can do, what you can afford, and not forgetting those things, taking the one you love to something like a dream for a while, once, or many times.
For instance, if your money is unlimited, you can have messages of love written in the sky, pay a restaurant to close for a couple of hours so you and your beloved could have it all to yourselves. If money is tight, you can still use your imagination as a resource. You could take your loved one on a canoe,ride. Tell her that if she were a princess, you would take a land to be your own, so you could be her king.
Romance is not what you do or say, it’s that special place you take her/him which feels like a dream. I once decorated my apartment with drapes, and candles. I bought special music, and made a costume. When my man came home from work, I sat him on cushions on the floor, called him sheik, turned on the music and did a belly dance for him.
Stay within reality, take the loved one to some place like a dream, and that is romance.

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It isn’t something you can quantify and explain. and you can’t script it. It’s where your love and your emotions cross with your crazy side. I have a wild streak, when that is combined with love and affection it can get pretty romantic. When my crazy side is combined with alcohol or anger usually it’s not good. Can you see the difference?

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Romance is taking a spontaneous moment to mix the elements of both your personalities that define who you are and what makes your lives’ worth living. My wife loves flowers and surprising her with flowers any day of the week just because, or sneaking up behind her and slowly wrapping my arms around her waist and humming a song that we then slow dance to, leaving love notes where she will find them throughout the day, taking her out to a nice dinner when I know she has had a stressful day. The best romantic moments are when they are least expected and knowing that your S/O needs it the most and it’s the little details of thoughtfulness that can make it extra special.

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Forgive me if I’m echoing anyone else’s answer, but to me romance is paying attention to your partner, knowing the things that are special to them, and then doing relevant things for them. One person may find flowers romantic, another may not care much. Romantic are not (and should not be) the same for everyone…

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Forced romance is anything but romantic. Some people just aren’t romantic, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. My husband doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. I know he loves me, but it wouldn’t even occur to him to stop on the way home from work on some random Wednesday to bring me flowers. He won’t be writing me any poems or making me a candlelit dinner in front of the fireplace just because he felt like it. I won’t come home to find a path of rose petals leading to some surprise. He’s not going to caress my face and tell me how beautiful I am while staring deeply into my eyes. These thoughts don’t even enter his mind. And that’s okay, because I find all of those things extremely cheesy and it would probably make me a little uncomfortable if he were to do these things.

Don’t try to force romance. I think being romantic and being compassionate or loving are two different things. You can be loving and thoughtful without some romantic gesture. I think it’s more important that you’re comfortable with each other and secure in knowing how you feel about each other. Being able to make each other laugh. Going on vacation and having a blast, but also being able to sit at home watching Seinfeld reruns and being perfectly content with that. Of course, everyone has a different idea of romance. I say it’s overrated and looks way better in the movies than it is in real life. I’m not like most women, though. Some of us like the ooey-gooey lovey-dovey stuff.

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Romance is satisfying desires someone else has, in a manor that suggests that their wants are more important than your own wants or wellbeing. Good luck with that.

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To be romantic, you can do the followings:

Give thoughtful gifts
Take your love on thoughtful dates.
Leave thoughtful notes for your loved one.
Send thoughtful texts or emails throughout your day.
Do thoughtful favors.
Write “I love you” in unlikely places.
Make a mixed CD for your special someone.
Give your loved one a massage.
Make a photo album.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a random day.
Declare your love in an old-fashioned way.
Give physical affection to your loved one.
Give new compliments.

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Smack thier ass and tell them you love ‘em

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just only observe your partner feedback. he or she will guide you through this.

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