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How does pay per click advertising work?

Asked by julieandrea (9points) December 30th, 2010

I want to use pay per click management on my business online but I don’t have any idea how does it work to make more profit.

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“Pay per click” is just what it sounds like. You pay each time someone clicks on an advertising link to your web page. Google, Yahoo, & Microsoft adwords are the three big players. They each have their own search engine and you bid on the words that people search for. The more you are willing to pay for a click, the higher up on the right hand column, or “sponsored links” your advertising link will appear.
So each time you click on an advertising link, someone, somewhere is getting charged to get your eyeballs to their website.

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hello, i work in advertising and cost-per-click ads don’t have to be just search ads [google, yahoo, bing], they can be banner ads that you don’t pay for unless someone clicks on them. a lot of networks, like google display network, or even certain websites, will offer this as an incentive because you, as the advertiser, will know that you are only paying for consumers who click on your ads. you will not be paying for any waste – i.e. people who see your ads but do not click on them.

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PPC is advertising campaign where advertisers need to pay only when their ad is clicked.

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