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Why is it possible to get the same award more than once?

Asked by Math321 (688points) December 31st, 2010

I’ve gotten the “Starfish” award 8 times. Why is this possible?

I know I’ve gotten it 8 times because I moused over the starfish award here:

And it says:

Get a Great Answer on a new user’s question.
—“A starfish-a-day keeps Dr. Jelly away!”
(Awarded 8 times)

Now obviously the award has got to have been awarded more than 8 times total for everyone because this thing has been going for a couple years. So I’m thinking that it’s been awarded to me personally 8 times. So, why is is counting? Why not just have it award it once and be done with it?

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Because you earn the award each time you answer a new user’s question.

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So, why is is counting? Why not just have it award it once and be done with it?

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Because some people might enjoy seeing how many times they qualify for the same award. Obviously, it’s just the way the founders decided to set it up. There are some awards that you only get once.

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Because they deserve it everytime they achieve it.

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I have gotten the Wayne Greet-zky award 440 times. It isn’t why I do it, but I think it’s cool I can get it more than once.
Of course, I would trade them all for one Cake In The Frizzer. That award has eluded me.

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Awards are given every time you accomplish the goal connected to the award, but some awards (such as Cake/Frizzer and lurve milestones) can only be achieved once in the first place.

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What is the Cake In The Frizzer award?

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It’s a secret award, so we can’t tell you how to get it. But it is in reference to one of the absolute best/worst questions ever asked here. Enjoy!

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@augustlan I have been up and down that question for hours at a time, clicking every link, even thanking and friending Janets. It has beaten me.

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@filmfann Perhaps some cake will make you feel better. :)

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I know how to find out about the Cake in the Frizzer! Ask someone who has it who isn’t afraid to tell about it.

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‘Tis true. It just can’t be revealed publicly.

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Wow. I’ve never seen a secret award come this close to being given away.

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I JUST GOT CAKE IN THE FRIZZER!!! WOOO!!! So excited. Sorry about that, I was just so excited. I think I know how I got it. Not sure.

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Merry Cake-in-the-Frizzer!

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The secret awards gnaw at my soul. I got the Pilgrim award; that one was easy to figure out, but the others elude me.

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I can’t figure it out. I gives up.

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Well, now that I’ve looked at some of the other questions about Cake in the Frizzer, I don’t want it anymore. Not if you can earn it and then lose it. That would really make me mad, so no thanks.

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@diavolobella That was a one-time glitch. When the awards first came out, a whole bunch of people accidentally got the award – but hadn’t met the goal, so it was unearned. The ‘losing’ of it was just correcting that problem. Won’t happen again, I promise!

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Ahhhhh! Yay! Thanks!

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I just realized I’m missing several awards I’ve earned. I didn’t get my Mariner award or the one for linking my Facebook. :(

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I know how to get all but one of the secret awards. People who are totally stuck are welcome to PM me asking for help but only those who use the magic word shall receive it.

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I found out how to get Perfecto-Fish, and it came up in the news feed that I got it, but it’s not on my awards page yet. I guess it takes a while for them to show up?
I’m curious, @papayalily – which one don’t you know how to get?

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@Seelix Old Timer. Well, technically, I’m familiar with the idea of how to get it, but was under the impression that you couldn’t get it anymore so potato potatoe.

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Awards are wonky at the moment. Hopefully, when things settle down, the guys will fix them.

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“Such as”

E.g., the Jelly-Helper award is given for writing your first answer.

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