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What countries consider Israel a country and why do many countries not like Israel?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone

where is the love?I would rather like facts,not peoples opinions,just the honest truth please

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People tend to not like Israel for the same reasons that people do not like the USA. They prick wave their way into everything.

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There had been a movement since the 1890s to give dispersed Jews a homeland; the British, who controlled Palestine, were allowing a certain quota of Jews to immigrate each year. After World War II, and partially in response to the Holocaust, the UN, the British, and the Americans set in motion a series of events (positive and negative) that led to Israel’s independence in 1948.

This made the people who had been inhabiting the territory the British evacuated annoyed—in their eyes, the British came in, took over their land, handed it over to a bunch of immigrants, and left. This explains a lot of the origin of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the differences in religion only make it worse.

Further, Israel is a small country, both geographically and population-wise, but it has a lot of strong allies, and so it tends to throw its weight around.

Finally, there’s a long tradition of European anti-Semitism, and there’s no doubt a hefty dose of that here too.

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I agree with cilbur. But the big issue is the Jewish state is not recognized by the Muslim state. Both groups lay claim to the land. It dates back to the Bible when the land was inherited by trickery instead of birthrite. The land was for Issac and he could not see and was tricked by Esau who put on an animals fur so when his father felt all the hair he would think he was his hairy brother.

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oops not Issac I mean Jacob

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The whole religion thing is a pretty big part of it. Jerusalem is the holy city of the Jews and was the site for the temple. But the Muslims believe that is where Muhammad ascended to heaven. The Jews actually claim that one day they will tear down the dome of the rock. Etc. Etc. Everyone is mad. Religion, politics, and all kinds of other fun reasons. Plus extreme Muslims hate anyone who isn’t a Muslim anyway.

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@sentry, I am Jewish and I lived in Israel for a long time. I have never heard anyone say they want to tear down the Dome of the Rock. For your edification, the Dome of the Rock is important in Judaism too as it is thought to be where Akeidat Yitzchak (the sacrifice of Isaac) occurred. (It is similar in Islam, except that in Islam it is Ishmael, not Isaac).

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@omfg I’m sorry you haven’t heard that but I have from a guy that studies that stuff, being biblical things and religious conflicts in Israel. Not every jew, but there are people who claim they will. I’m not saying you’re wrong but this was a credible source.

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@omfg-yea I think your pretty much right about that and sentry should confront that person who says they study that part of the world and actually experience and find out the real info.

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@afghanmoose: thanks for backing me up. While Sentry’s source may be “credible” it may also be a completely biased point of view being and the person may be studying it from other biased sources.

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yea,thats practicully what study of history and takin theology is ya know,mostly everyones biased. I’m more of a negotiator,the middle man so yea,more power to peace!

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