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What predictions do you have for the New Year?

Asked by filmfann (47297points) January 1st, 2011

It is New Years Day, 2011. What events do you think will happen this year? Will the economy finally find its feet? Will a volcano destroy Seattle? Will we find Osama Bin Laden? Put on your sooth sayer turbans and prognosticate!

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I predict that Congress will get very little done and a great deal of effort will be made by the Republicans to repeal or eviscerate the Health Care plan.

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One of two possibilities:

1.) Someone will secretly drill a deep well into Yellowstone Park to relieve the pressure of the super-volcano within. This will have two beneficial effects, (a) prevent the super-volcano from exploding and exterminating all life in North America, and (b) the particulate matter gradually added to the atmosphere over the next several years will counteract global warming in a major way (perhaps even alleviating the whole problem). The hero will be vilified by the press and the politicians and be labeled a terrorist. Ecological organizations will decry his actions as destructive of a previous natural environment and call it an ecological disaster. He’ll spend the rest of his life in federal prison.

2.) The super-volcano under Yellowstone Park will blow up all at once, instantly exterminating all life in North America and causing a new ice age that will cause massive famine elsewhere in the world and wipe out all higher life on the surface of the earth. Nobody will survive to produce a 3D Blue Ray disaster film depicting the event cinematically.

Personally, I vote for #1…

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That’s a scary thought! I live close enough to Yellowstone that at least it will be quick!

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Maybe you can find a deal on a used well-drilling truck…

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I predict there will be 364 more days before the next New Year :))

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@partyparty – But only if @Skaggfacemutt can get her hands on a used well-drilling truck…

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So you want me to do WHAT! Drilling into a volcano sounds to me like poking a hole in a pressure cooker.

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Wouldn’t the result be KABOOMMM!!

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More like a slow rumble that lasts for a decade. Much preferable to the KABOOM that will occur otherwise.

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Okay, then. You convinced me. Where can I get a good drill?

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Or here. Of course, sneaking that bad boy past the park rangers and setting it up without being noticed will be the challenge :-p

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I predict lady gaga will go too far and no-one will like her anymore. Wait for it.

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@partyparty That is quite the contraption! Do you think it comes in an automatic transmission?

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@lemming – What did Lady Gaga do now?

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She didn’t do anything yet, I just have a feeling she’s going to blow it. A prediction.

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Well, if she does, I hope it’s something truly spectacular (and that the resulting music video rocks)!

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Do I win money if I’m right?

If so: Same shit, different year.

If not: Repeal of DOMA, federal drug criminalization, legalization of prostitution, equalization of pay across race and gender, truly progressive tax reform, papal apology for most everything, and other magic.

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