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Help me with problem during Hard drive format?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) January 1st, 2011

I format my external hard drive few month ago to use it with xbox
but some kind of error occurred during the process and my external hard drive is recognizing only part of its actual capacity
I was dividing the 120GB into two (30 and 90) and after formating only 30GB part is recognized
I was wondering if there are way to recover it back to way it was
(by the way I don’t know which program I used to format the hard drive )

Thank you and Happy New Year ^^

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It sounds like you split it into two partitions. Try using a tool like Gparted and delete the partitions then you should be able to format all the space back together.

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Yeppers. I don’t think the X360 likes partitioned drives, so it only uses the first partition it sees and ignores the rest of the drive.

@mrlaconic I prefer Parted Magic for such things. It includes GParted, but also has much more.

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Make sure you’re formatting it to the right “Type” of format. I’m not sure which one the 360 uses (you’ll have to search around) but if you’ve set it to Fat32 instead of NTFS (or some other format type for that mater) this could be the problem. I know this is a major issue with the original Xbox when soft-modding/drive swapping.

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Thanks all problem solved!!!
I have seen @jerv everywhere regarding tech question! so I used his program of choice
and it worked

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