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What is your interpretation of The Game?

Asked by Math321 (688points) January 2nd, 2011

The 3 rules of The Game. Read them, and then continue.

Rule 1
Rule 2
Rule 3

Now, what is your interpretation of each of the rules?

For Rule 1: You are playing The Game:

#1: Have you always been playing The Game without knowing it, or have you only begun playing it when you are aware of it?

For Rule 2: When you think about The Game, you lose:

#2: When during the thought process of thinking about The Game constitutes loss?

A: Do you lose when you think about it? I, personally, think not, because you can think about The Game without realizing you’ve lost.

B: Do you lose when you remember you’re playing The Game? As before, I think not, because you can remember you’re playing without realizing you’ve lost.

C: Do you lose when you realize you have lost? I go by this as it prevents all accidental cheating.

D: Or, do you lose whenever you realize you’ve thought about The Game? It is possible to realize you’ve thought about The Game without realizing you’ve lost, but this version eliminates most accidental cheating. Not all, mind you, but most.

#3: Do you lose The Game when someone else loses and tells you they have?

#4: Is there a loss immunity time period? For example, if I lose, do I get a 5 minute time period in which I’m immune to loss?

#5: If so, how do I become aware of the 5 minutes being over without triggering another loss?

#6: Do you need to know what The Game is in order to be able to lose it?

For Rule 3: Loss must be announced:

#7: Do you have to tell someone you have lost, or must you just announce it, regardless if anyone can hear you or not?

#8: Are you obligated to announce it every time, regardless if anyone would get disturbed by it, or are you only obligated to do it if nobody would be bothered in anyway besides losing themselves?

#9: Must you announce it in Real Life, or are you allowed to announce it in any medium you choose, for example The Internet?

Please type your answers in numerically, like this:

1: I think you play The Game without knowing it.
2: C, because it prevents all cheating.
3: Yes.
And so on.

By the way…


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Can I be the banker please?

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1 You play without knowing
2 C
3 I rarely lose at anything. Certainly not The Game.

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I lost The Game.

1. Everyone is playing The Game. Up until they ask, “What’s The Game?” or are otherwise informed about The Game, they are winning.

2. Technically, you lose The Game each time you think about it (A) but I think the only one that matters is C, because if you don’t realize you have lost, how will you be able to announce it? Sometimes someone mentions “The Game” and it doesn’t dawn on me until minutes later that I have lost.

At any rate, I don’t really care whether people cheat. It’s only a game.

3. Yes.

4. I do not practice an immunity period. Whenever I think about The Game, I lose.

6. Yes.

7 – 9. I have to announce my loss, but I don’t always stand up and shout, “HEY! GUYS! I LOST THE GAME!” Sometimes I turn to only my brother and whisper that I lost. Sometimes I send a text message to a friend. On more than one occasion in class, I have written “I lost The Game” in the margins of my textbook. Those have made me lose multiple times, months later.

Related: there are multiple things that trigger me to think about The Game, including: the bell that sounds on the bus when someone pulls the stop cord, popcorn, and Dr. Zaius. Don’t ask.

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Just another crappy Michael Douglas movie.

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I lost The Game. Continue answering, please.

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I lost the Game.
And I am coming for you.

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I lost again. Thanks a lot.

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This question has already been asked and I hated it then, too.

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I won the game!

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