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Do you know the value of a lost, winning $100,000 dollar lottery ticket?

Asked by john65pennington (29187points) October 31st, 2010

So, you have checked the numbers and you have a winning $100,000 dollar lottery ticket. congratulations! You live in one state and the winning ticket is in another state. It’s the weekend and you cannot claim your money, until Monday. Over the weekend, your winning lottery ticket is lost. Gone. Vanished. You notify the Lottery Officials and they advise you to call the police. Here comes the bad news. The officer tells you that you have actually only lost $1 you paid for the winning ticket, not the $100,000! ! A police report is made. Question: Should the lost value of the winning lottery ticket, have been just for $1 or what the lottery ticket actually represented…....$100,000.00?

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One dollar.
Until the lottery verifies the win, it isn’t a winner. If the winner can find the original paper with the numbers blocked out and the reciept from the purchase, then they may be able to prove the win.

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In my opinion, you have only lost $1, because the lotery ticket cost $1 to buy, but you have also lost the oppurtunity to gain $100,000. Like @MissPoovey said, the ticket isn’t actually worth $100,000 until it is a verified winner.

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I would file an affidavit stating exactly the time and place the ticket was purchased. The lottery can confirm time and place for every winning ticket.

On the day before the prize expires, if nobody else claimed the prize, maybe that would be sufficient proof.

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Sweet holy moly, I say a buck because even if you have the winning number you don’t have to claim it, it is not like they will force you to take the money.

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