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How many of you sport a Fluther t-shirt?

Asked by Crossroadsgrl (921points) January 2nd, 2011

I actually love them. lol .

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I have one, but I picked the wrong size. I am really, really bad about sending things back for exchanges, so now it’s probably too late. Other than that, I do like the shirt and I would wear it.

So.. I have a brand-new Large, if someone has an XL they’d like to trade!

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I do.

@MissAnthrope: I bought a men’s large and altered it. I removed tight neck, and hemmed a wide opening; I cut off several inches on the bottom and then made side vents.

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Not yet. I hope to buy one before Summer in case a “wear your fluther t-shirt day” is planned.. I want to be ready.:-)

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I have the old brown one, but I’m going to buy a new one, too.

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@gailcalled – I think the problem is I need to hem myself, if you catch my drift. :P

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@MissAnthrope: Sorry to be laughing. Just buy the XL and forget the drifting.

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I would like to wear one.

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Are there Fluther wife beaters?

How about lingerie?

LOL just kidding, although tank tops (the workout kind) would probably sell.

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@XOIIO You can actually customize our stuff now, so you could probably get a tank top!

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Not yet, but, soon-ish I hope.

I dunno about lingerie, but I would totally sport Fluther underoos.

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Somebody recently purchased a hoodie. Who was it? Fess up!

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I bought a long sleeve navy….should NOT be a hoodie ! !!

I would totally buy the underoos too, how FUNNY !

I’m cheesy and although I’ve been on this site 3 whole weeks I love the idea of wearing a shirt that has meaning only to a select few ( although it’s been incredibly helpful to me )

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I got a free one from being a chat mod years ago. When It showed up I opened it and left it on the counter. This was next to the donations box in my house. It went to Goodwill.

I figured it out and bought it back for a few bucks. I just had to dig through hundreds of shirts.

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I agree with the size issue.
I purchased a large womens and they have obviously never seen a large woman.
I gave it to my nephew, he is 11 and it fits him fine.
...grumble…its my own fault they offered to exchange it, but I agree with @MissAnthrope about sending it back etc.

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American Apparel shirts definitely run small.

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@augustlan – You sorta told me that before I ordered and I should have listened.

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