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Why should I avoid vague open ended questions?

Asked by loser (15032points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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Because they detract from good questions.

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Really no one can stop you. So you might as well ask what you want to ask.

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If you take it as far as the kid that’s come around the past few days (I’m 14 zach, and hiM) then you will get the wrath of the collective and asked to leave.

Hopefully no one will ever do that again.

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Because they’re annoying, mostly, and aren’t what this lovely place is really for.

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It’s like feeding the zoo animals; it attracts the people who love to play devil’s advocate (myself included) and those who like to argue just for the sake of it, and they tend to get really philosophical and meander off topic, and then you can never get them to leave.

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