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Why would real bullets be on a movie set?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) January 19th, 2023

I just don’t understand this?

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I don’t either. That’s insane.

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They might use a real round, for some shots it might be more realistic.

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I’m going on the assumption that there is a vital piece of evidence that hasn’t been “leaked” to the press yet that might come out in the trial to make any of this make sense.

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@SQUEEKY2 With all the CGI why would they risk lives for that?

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incorrectly creating a blank round can end up making a poor, but viable, round.
Blank rounds use real gun powder, with a bit of paper holding the powder in place. If the paper then lodges in the barrel, another blank creates a viable round. This is essentially what happened with Brandon Lee.

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There is no reason what so ever for live rounds to be on a movie set. There had been complaints about safety, so I believe it was a set-up.

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Apparently the rounds came from another set where actors were being trained to use firearms using live rounds at an actual gun range and the ammo go mixed up with prop ammo. If that’s the case, the armorer is in trouble.

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^Wow! That makes me sick.
I know the armorer was pretty young, and therefore inexperienced, but it was my understanding that her dad was an experienced armorer. You would have thought she would have learned from him. Also, I think I remember hearing at the time of the accident that this was only her second or third assignment as an armorer.
There is a lot of blame to go around.

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I agree, WHY are there live rounds on a movie set?

Although we don’t know the full facts of what actually happened most of the things the media are printing and saying are pure conjecture.

Like myself most people who are not in the know are making their own minds up about what may have happened.

In my opinion I am assuming that the live round, or rounds were intentionally taken on to the set and loaded into the gun by someone who meant to do harm to someone.

Whether the person who did this was intending to kill or harm another is a vital question which needs answering and if that is the case why did that person want to do this?

I am amazed that Alec Baldwin is being charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Ok he pulled the trigger but that is what the scene required of him and I would like to see the evidence that he loaded the gun with live ammunition prior to using it.

If Baldwin simply handled the gun not knowing that there were live rounds in it how could he be held responsible in any way and be charged with involuntary manslaughter?.

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@Poseidon I don’t presume to know the law but that’s why it’s called “involuntary” manslaughter. He didn’t intend to do it but he did it.

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“Involuntary Manslaughter” implies that Alec was somehow being reckless or negligent. Even blanks can be deadly at a certain distance. If he really did unnecessarily shoot at that woman, blanks or not he could be found guilty of this. I’m reasonably certain, in court, he’ll get a pass.

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It’s insane.

I can’t wrap my head around Alec Baldwin going to jail for any of this. I am sure he is tortured daily by his own thoughts. I heard he might be responsible because he is a producer and didn’t hire someone competent to take care of the guns and ammo. My question would be did Alec know there was some live ammo on set?

Whoopi Goldberg said the usual steps to make sure a gun is safe on set is a lot of hoops and that this happened is beyond her comprehension (I am paraphrasing).

@Poseidon Alec is saying he didn’t pull the trigger. They will bring in some experts about that, but my guess is he doesn’t remember. Too traumatic. Memory second before a trauma is extremely won’t change that there was live ammo in the gun when there should not have been.

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@Poseidon and @JLeslie From what I know about Colt revolvers, the cylinder which held the live round would have rotated into exact firing position just before the hammer was pulled all the way back into the locked (FULLY cocked) position. If the hammer was let go just before the hammer was fully cocked, the gun would fire. Baldwin’s finger may have been on the trigger but that doesn’t mean he pulled the trigger.

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