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What to expect from future climate?

Asked by interalex (130points) January 4th, 2011

Is it reasonable to expect heat ?
Why not cold or floods, or a nonstop shift of heat, cold and floods?
What is your opinion, prediction?

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Well we’re having the coldest Winter here in England for over 100 years apparently, so I guess we’re managing to kick Global Warming’s butt good and proper… I have no idea though obviously… However, will all the floods that have occurred in recently months and years (statistically I wouldn’t know whether the amount is unusual or whether there is just more coverage of them… but…) I don’t think there’s any predicting what the skies above us will bring :-/

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Yep, “unseasonably” hot, cold, wet, dry. Now they call it (more appropriately) Climate Change. My advice: don’t by waterfront property.

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I have read that the debacle at Heathrow was caused at least partially by the administrators believing that global warming was going to bring about a very mild winter therefore they underbudgeted snow removal, de-icing etc.

Climate changes have always occured and were always cyclical and apparently unpredictable, I don’t know if this is any different.

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Two cold winters in a row, and the last 4 or 5 summers have been the wettest/coldest on god knows how many years… can’t we have some of that global warming instead? Oh no. It’s “global-warming-everywhere-except-England”.

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@nebule It’s a comforting fantasy, but sadly quite false. 2010 was the warmest year on record so far. The science says that warming produced by greenhouse gas release and deforestation is melting the Arctic sea ice, which in turn pours much more water vapor into Arctic air and disturbs the flow of the Jet Stream, producing winter extremes of cold and snow in the Northern Hemisphere.

Look for increasing extremes—heat, cold, floods, droughts, storms. Look for massive, nation and continent wide crop failures, food shortages sparking wars and riots. It isn’t pretty. But I don’t see us mustering the political will now to stop it while there is time. I don’t think we can even get the climate change deniers to see what’s before their eyes. There is too much money involved in not seeing it. Too many are still profiting from the produce/consume/dispose consumerist culture to admit it is happening till it utterly ruins their lives and destroys most of them.

I think mankind will likely survive unless we let the coming angst lead to nuclear war. In that case, it may be our curtain call and nature can evolve another intelligent life form to have a second go at it if there remains time.

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Sadly I see why you are saying what you are.
The Scientist have said to expect what you have stated..
Greed is stopping us from doing more now.

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In America it is lack of scientific understanding that is hindering progress. Sad that we have the top scientists and engineers, who are vastly outnumbered by people who are sadly lacking.

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I think that they are in deep denial and do not wish to comprehend the problem.
I have well educated family members who deny the facts.
They are only concerned with maintaining their comfort level.
There is one man on who is so deluded by R wing Politicians he actually makes me laugh. I tell him facts and he makes Political statements. How can you educate someone who lives in his own world? You are welcome to log on and try.

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It will be hot in the summer, cold in the winter. Count on it.

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When all the great scientists agree that it is all man made I will believe. Until then, I believe it is a cyclical climate change as has occurred since the beginning of time. Cleaning up the earth is not a bad idea under any circumstances, but it must be done with common sense and I don’t see that happening with so many of “the sky is falling” tunnel vision, kill the farting cows, dogs, etc. carbon is the culprit advocates.

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@rooeytoo It is too late for common sense. We should have exercised that long ago. Now, we have deforested 50% of Earth’s old-growth forests. Each year we clear cut an additional area the size of Panama with no replacement. Keep that pace, and by 2030 Earth will have lost 90% of her primeval forests, the mechanism that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.

Also, never before was mankind pumping 26.4 billion metric tons more CO2 into the atmosphere every year. We absolutely know that CO2 is a greenhouse gas with an atmospheric half life of 38 years. We know that over the last 800 thousand of years, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 has ranged between 220 and 300 Parts Per Million‘s_atmosphere. It likely has not gone above that in 20 million years. Now, it is 392 ppm and growing steadily. And still, we keep pumping more CO2 into our air while clear-cutting more old-growth forest and insisting that nothing can possibly go wrong. Ever heard of Murphy’s Law?

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