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Cold weather jellies: What temperature do you turn your heat down to at night?

Asked by ubersiren (15170points) January 16th, 2010

I turn our heat down to 62. Is that too cold? My husband complains every night that it’s too cold. He wears long flannel pants, socks, a t-shirt, and fleece shirt and adds two extra blankets to his side of the bed, and he still shivers!

Meanwhile, I wear only a t-shirt and have a sheet and comforter on, and I’m fine. He says it’s my pregnancy hormones making me so warm.

But, I didn’t think 62 was that cold normally. Growing up, my dad always turned the heat down to 58 at night. If I had it my way, that’s where ours would be. But, maybe that’s just way too low for most people.

What temperature do you turn yours down to?

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I don’t have my heating on at night at all

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62 here as well.
Which is plenty warm, since my new place got down to 5 degrees last month.

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We turn ours down to 62 as well. Neither of us find it to be too cold. Maybe he has a circulation problem? (For the record, it’s set for 66 when we’re home and moving around.) I’ve always slept at a cooler temperature and sleep better that way.

What kind of comforter do you have? Down filled would probably keep him warm enough. And he might was to look at silk longjohns instead of flannel pants. What kind of socks? Wool socks would be good.

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Day or night, mine is always set to 60. Just enough to keep pipes from freezing. Other than that, I can put more clothes on if I’m too cold.

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Turning the thermostat that low at night has some serious effects on your heating bill. if you jack the thermostat up the next morning to a higher temperature, it actually uses more fuel in the long run.

Now that i have said that, i will attempt to tell you about the thermostat wars my wife and i have. i am like you, i like to sleep on the cold side at night and my wife is the exact opposite. my wife has been known to stand by the thermostat with a dagger in her hand, just waiting for a move by me, to jack up the heat.

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It goes off at 2300, back on at 0500 off again at 0700 back on again at 1700 it stays around twenty Celsius when on….. :-)

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Haha! my husband has been fighting with me every night. I keep the fan running and even want to open a window at’s totally the hormones. I usually am super cold, and have the heat blasting!

Where we are, it never leaves 65. When we have our own place, it’s usually at 68.

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Around 65. With my lady, though, she’s like a little space heater and we when she snuggles in/sleeps close to me, I tend to overheat. We even open the window a crack and have a fan going, but, it usually gets too warm. Sometimes, I’ll get up in the middle of the night and turn the heat down, but, usually, I end up pushing off most of the covers and just use her for warmth.

If it’s too warm, I sleep like shit.

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I turn the heat down during the day, when it’s warmer outside, and I’m not home. Otherwise, it takes too long for the house to warm up. I set it at 69 at night.

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I cheat!

We live in a 6-story condo building with 36 units. I turn our heat off at night and we leech off the heat from the other units. The coldest it ever gets is about 55°F (12.8°C), and we have two comforters, a heavy top blanket and flannel sheets on the bed, so it’s actually quite cozy once you get snuggled in and warm up the sheets.

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our week day schedule is 48 2200 – 0630, 70 0630–0900, 54 0900–1800, 58 1800–2200—love that programable thermostat!

But then we also cheat with the fire place and a grate designed to maximize the heat going into the house rather than up the chimney.

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58F at night.
68F during the day when I’m home.
50F during the day when I’m at work.

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In my home the heat is is 70 at night and 65 during the day when no one is there while it seems my partner bumps his above 70 and I cruise around and bump it back down.

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I have zoned heating and a passive solar house. On sunny days, I broil. In bedroom, I keep heat at 55˚ but of course, there is Milo at 101.5˚.

The daytime heat is 62˚ and me in lots of warm clothing. If it were in the low sixties outside, I’d be in shorts and a t-shirt.

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@john65pennington Turning it down 6 degrees has serious effects on the heating bill? I don’t think so.

@hungryhungryhortence I almost suffocated reading your 70 degrees!

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We are at 62 in my house too. My boyfriend on the other hand (who lives in an apartment and is not responsible for the utilities) keeps his around 80 degrees 24/7 all winter long.

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We keep the temp. at 60–62, & close off the guest room w/it’s thermostat turned down to 50. We also supplement w/a wood stove, so one room is nice & cozy; sometimes too hot!

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What ever the temp is outside is what it is inside. I like wrapping up in the comforter to be warm enough. I can’t sleep in the heat.

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@Ghost_in_the_system My wife takes old jeans, cuts them into squares, and makes a jean-quilt. She puts a blanket backing on them, and they are the warmest blankets you have ever had!

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15C or 59F… Seems warm enough for a tip-toe out to grab a glass of water, and is definitely ideal for not overheating under the covers.

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2nd Answer: my wife always sleeps in one of my police t-shirts. she loves them. that was a long time ago. she still wears my t-shirts today, but there have been many additions added to her sleeping gear. in order to stay warm, she now wears my insulated police socks and has been known to wear my police gloves to bed. for years, i have asked myself, “do i know this stranger thats in my bed?”. and, we will not even discuss the house temperature when she had hormonal changes. we still love each other, but after 44 years together, you just get “comfortable” with your soulmates differences. you can adjust to each other, but you’d better not adjust that thermostat!

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60–63 at night and when we’re out; 68 in the evening when home.

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I can’t complain about it being that cold here, since it rarely hits freezing, but I got a heated mattress pad and turn the whole thing off. I can have my side of the bed warmer than his because I tend to run cold and he tends to run hot.
Our house is big and the 2 central units were set up stupid. I would have to heat up most of the house just to keep my bedroom warm.

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@ubersiren: it is warm to me also but my diabetic mother has become cold sensitive so in our house I pretty much sleep naked with just sheets and a thin cotton blanket. My partner’s apt. feels very warm to me so I nudge the thermostat down, crack the bedroom windows and the ceiling fans are always going. If I had my choice, the temp would always be at 65 and I’d adjust my clothing/bedding for it.

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70F at night?!?! I’d broil in bed!!!

Not only do I set my heat to 58F at night in the winter, I also set my A/C to 60F at night in the summer (that’s the lowest setting it’ll go to).

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Ours stays at 60°F, all the time (in the winter).

In the summer, the thermostat stays at about 90°F, so the AC never really comes on.

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@laureth – 60F is perfect for sleeping, but during the day seems a little chilly to me.

My electric bill is higher in the summer from the A/C than my gas bill in the winter, lol.

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My roommate and I don’t have to worry about a heating bill so it’s constantly around 67–68. I hate hate hate waking up to a cold room/house. It makes me just want to crawl back in bed and never get up. So, back home, my mom set the heat to turn on about a half hour before I woke up, so it was nice and toasty :) I think at night, it was at about 64. (Although, it sucked during vacation when I slept late but the heat still turned on early, and I’d be sweltering in my bed).

I’m one of those people who is sensitive to cold…and my roommate isn’t. So she’ll always be like OMG IT’S SO HOT IN HERE and flail open windows, and within minutes I’ll be shivering. Then it was a constant open/shut battle, though she hasn’t done that much yet this semester.

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@HungryGuy – it is a little chilly; we wear sweaters and such. However, it saves money and makes a smaller carbon footprint. :)

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Our heat is on 70 day and night! We comensate cold nights with electric blankets and for those that get a chill watching TV or what have you, we have a space heater.

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62 is the same temperature whether you are in a colder or warmer clime. We turn ours down to 62 at night, and that’s definitely chilly, even if the temp outdoors almost never goes below freezing.

Some people do sleep hotter than others. Weight may be a factor, but I also think (even if without scientific evidence) that our inner thermostats run differently. It could also make a difference if you’re closer to a window or ambient air currents in the house and whether or not the cat sleeps on you. All cats sleep like furnaces.

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We have a ranch-style house with two heating zones. The thermostat for the end of the house where the bedrooms are stays at about 62 degrees. If it’s any higher than that, I get too warm at night. We don’t spend much time in the bedrooms during the day, so if it’s chilly no one really notices. The back of the house faces south, so I open the curtains in those bedrooms to let all the sun in. It makes those rooms very toasty, even on the coldest days.

The main part of the house is set to 68 degrees most of the time. At night I turn it down to 62. It doesn’t take long at all for those areas to warm up again when I turn the heat back up in the morning. I would leave it set lower all of the time, but my husband and kids complain about being chilly even when they have on extra clothes. There are also a lot of south-facing windows in the main part of the house which we let the sun shine in all the time for extra warmth. We don’t seem to go through heating oil very fast at all, so our system works well for us.

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@ShanEnri – What?!?! You cook yourselves at 70F and add electric blankets and space heaters on top of that?!?! I’m sweating in my chair just thinking about that!!!

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Yeow!!!!!!! OMG…I could never stand your temps, fellow jellies. We keep this at 71° day & night. We never touch the thermostat. Hubby is with me on this,so there’s never an argument about the heat.

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Like @ETpro we live in condos, so we don’t have to turn our heat on often. The people who live on either side of us hate cold weather, so they keep their heat on a very high setting, which usually keeps us pretty toasty. I like being able to wear the comfy sweaters, and fluffy robes, so unless the the temp inside drops to about 40, we leave it off. When we do turn it on, I set it to 68

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We turn it down to 67.

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@MissAusten – That sounds like a well-designed house! Every house I’ve ever had, the bedrooms are always naturally hotter than the rest of the house. The exact opposite of the way I want it!

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@HungryGuy I think I would like it at your house… nice and cool!!!

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@scamp – LoL! I lived in an apartment like that once. As you all can tell by now, I like it cool. So I often had to run the A/C in the middle of the winter when it was below freezing outside to keep my flat at a comfortable temperature :-/

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@scamp – Always! :-)

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I wanted to add that being cold is the most paralyzing uncomfortable feeling. I will be lazy on the couch with blankets on top of me getting nothing done when I finally realize I am freezing! If I just put up the heat 4 degrees I can get my chores done. Turn up the heat if your partner is freezing, and you can sleep in summer pj’s. At 67 degrees I am in two layers on top and long pants or long johns and socks with a down comforter and a regular comforter folded (so three blankets basically) plus flannel sheets. If I lived alone it would be on 70.

In our house we have 3 zones, luckily our master is in one zone that we can separate from the rest of the house. We actually hang thick plastic at the threshold of the hall that leads to the bedrooms. So, it 67 in the bedroom, but only 60–62 in the other parts of the house at night. Our utility bill is typically much less than our neighbors ($50—$100 less) who has a home that is 1000 sq. feet less than ours. I also have a space heater that I use a lot. Frequently I super-warm my bedroom right before going to sleep, or I use it in my bathroom if that zone is cold during the day and I need to take a late shower.

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I’m not exactly in cold weather, but when I have been, I’ve found wearing just one layer of clothing to be much warmer. Could be related.

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During the day, we keep ours at 68F , and my husband sits on the couch in his many layers, supplemented with a Snuggie and a freaking electric blanket. So, turning it down to 62 is like his icy hell. I think @tedibear39 is right… I’m going to have to buy him some long johns. I already sleep in just a thin tee and often kick off the covers; if I turned up the heat, I’d roast! I’m out of layers to take off! I’d rather buy him more layers.

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@ubersiren – Really? I just got up and turned my heat up to 64F. I’m very comfortable in a loose cotton bathrobe :-)

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@ubersiren Just sleep in separate rooms and get it over with.

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@JLeslie – But that’s no fun :-p

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Turn it down at night? I turn it up to about 70–75, something like that. We have a special kind of heat so that’s doable without going broke. But the heater in my room is about 40 years old so it’s kinda wacked, so when I turn it to 75 it gets all the way up to 87. This is why I can be seen walking around the house with shorts on.

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@HungryGuy I know, but if he is in 5 layers there is no fun, trust me I live it. If you want to have sex with me it better be in 72 degrees at least. My husband and I can work it out so we can still sleep in the same bed, but I would consider moving out for the winter if we continue to progress with me getting colder and him warmer. Most likely I will warm up as I get older though.

Have you always been warm your whole life?

In the summer we keep it at 77, so it is 10 degrees colder in the winter, that is a lot colder.

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@JLeslie – I could have sex with you at 74F, but no way could we sleep together. I’d be dying in bed at that temp. I’ve been this way my whole life.

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@HungryGuy here is the perfect solution: have sex with @JLeslie then come and sleep with me!! hee hee! :P

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@scamp – Sounds like a plan :-p

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I just shut the main damper on the Ashley wood-heater and let it go, the temperature is in the mid 60s by the time I open the damper and throw in a few sticks of wood in the morning. The heater is actually a bit large for my 500 sq ft cabin, so sometimes I have to open the window in the sleeping loft for a while before going to bed.

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Most always turn it off at night.
Electric Heating.

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I keep my house at 70 all the time. I have good windows and great insulation. It may stagger a tiny bit above and below but at 70 my heating bill is still reasonable.

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I’m jealous of y’all with your thermostats! I live in an old apartment, the top floor of a house, and all we have is one big gas heater in the middle of the living room! It’s numbered from 1 to 9. So I have no idea how warm my house is at any given time, but basically if I’m warm with a sweater on I turn down the heat.

As the winter’s gone on I have developed a system… I set it to 1 at night, blast it to 5 while I’m in the shower and then change in front of it, then turn it back down to 2 while I’m at work, then back up to 3 or 4 in the evening depending on how cold it is. The gas bills haven’t been too horrific, so I must be doing something right, but it feels very primitive!

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58 at night here (unless it’s below 10 then it’s 62 to keep the pipes unfrozen). If he’s cold, use my favorite phrase: Put more on ya moron!

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During the day 19C (66F), at night 18C (64F).

short answer!

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@Dr_Lawrence – Seems like it’s almost not worth the bother to change it at all…

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For all those with different temperature preferences than their partners, why not buy one of those electric blankets with dual controls? The colder partner can warm their half of the bed to their hearts content, while the warmer partner can keep their half cool.

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@HungryGuy Yes, it is only a 2 celsius degree (5 F degree) difference but it makes a difference for our comfort at night, and with high winds in this area being a constant, maintaining the higher temperature requires the furnace to run more often and for longer periods thus consuming more gas and electricity (for the fan).

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@augustlan I had one of those, but we didn’t feel good about sleeping with it on, and some people say it is not good to have that electricity right next to your skin. But, even with those fears, whether you think them irration or rational, you can heat up your side of the bed before getting in, and get he night started off right. I find once I am very cold, it takes me a long time to warm back up. If I never let myself get so freezing I can handle a lower temp. If that makes sense?

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I love the electric blanket I bought my daughter…so much I bought an electric throw for my son when he is watching TV in the basement and then I bought another electric throw for me…problem is, I just can’t keep my eyes open when I get all comfortable and warm…

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Electric blankets and bed warmers should be used to warm the bed before entering the bed.

I have concerns about long term exposure to the electromagnetic fields that are generated by they electric devices. The closer you are to such a field and the longer you are exposed to it, the greater the cancer risks that may be linked to it.



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Yeah, an electric blanket would be good ( and he uses it sometimes, but usually leaves it downstairs to use on the couch) except, we don’t like to leave it on, and part of his problem is waking up cold… maybe if there are ones with timers he could just turn it back on when he woke up chilly.

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@ubersiren – Maybe these will work. And they’re on sale!

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@ubersiren Maybe set the thermostat to go up a few degrees 10 minutes before he gets out of bed, and get a space heater for the bathroom so that is toasty warm for a morning shower. Something to look forward to when he gets out of the covers.

Any chance you wake up before him? Then you could warm up the room once you are out of bed and it won’t affect your sleep.

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@ubersiren – Or an electric space heater on one of those heavy-duty air conditioner timers.

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@JLeslie That’s a sweet idea! I don’t normally wake up before him (if I don’t have to). Maybe for Valentine’s Day :).

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Such a helpful thread here… I got nothing to share other than.. I kept mine around 62…and my g&E bill was still ridiculous.

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as low as I can get away with. I try 65 and keep my fingers crossed.

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