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What is a reasonable honorarium for clergy at a memorial service?

Asked by Judi (39824points) January 4th, 2011 from iPhone

Mom died last week and we are planning her memorial. She was very active in her church and a faithful in her tithes. She would want us to give an honorarium to the pastor but we have no idea how much. She was Lutheran if that makes a difference.

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I was going to say between one and two hundred dollars, but since she was an active member, I’d go with the higher end. Maybe $250 or $300. She would have wanted it that way.

But I’d just ask the church what the usual honorarium is. Someone will tell you.

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We tried to ask the pastor and he said whatever we felt.

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I think one hundred would be a good amount.

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@Judi first, I hope you are coping okay with your loss. I think it would depend on where the church service is located. Manhattan would be different than say somewhere in the rural Dakotas. I found a website that broke down the amount of time a clergy spends doing various duties for a memorial with graveside services and it said standard was between $150 to $300; depending on the location. So if there isn’t a graveside service, I’d think $200 would be more than adequate regardless of location. Best wishes.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Here are two different references:

“The minister’s honorarium

Finally, it is customary to give the minister an “honorarium,” for his/her leadership. The amount of such honorariums is usually up to you. In less affluent neighborhoods a $100 honorarium might be appropriate; in more privileged communities a $250 honorarium (or larger) might work. Naturally, you should take into account the time spent by the clergy in working with you in planning and counseling prior to the service.”


” Members Of Tarrytown United Methodist Church:

* No honorarium is expected from members of the congregation because this is part of a pastor’s responsibilities.
*However, if the family chooses to make a special gift to pastor, the amount is to be decided by the family.
*If special travel is required, expenses of the clergy should be covered.


*An honorarium of at least that of the organist ($150) is appropriate.”


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Ask the funeral director. They know what the going rate is in their communities, and they are used to dealing with these details for the bereaved.

I know some that even have the honorariums figured into their costs when they price the funeral services.

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So sorry for your loss, Judi. I would go with $250, as she was active in the chuch, and would have had a relationship with the minister. He will have spent time preparing what he had to say, as well as attending the service, and will most likely have about 5 hours of time invested.

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