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Why does Johnny Depp appear like he's from England?

Asked by Meego (4697points) January 5th, 2011 from iPhone

So I watched the Peoples Choice Awards tonight, I am a little baffled about something. I saw an interview a few weeks back where Johnny Depp was talking about him and his children and hanging out with Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt and their kids on a playdate. He did what I’m about to ask the question for on the interview and the PCA. OK so why is he talking like he has an accent??? What is this is he living in a constant drama class and the world is his audience or is this an alter ego?? I mean if an actor is really good how can you tell what’s real and what’s fake anymore? My daughter asked me if Depp was from England and in all my 33 yrs and even when I crushed on this guy when I was younger I actually had to make sure he wasn’t! LOL

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As a wise man once said:
“Lying is a skill like any other and if you want to maintain a level of excellence, you have to practice constantly.”

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@Meego Maybe he’s developed an accent. I’m not positive, and you’ll have to check to be sure, but I think he’s been living in Paris for years now.

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All people from everywhere look alike.

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@Meego What @ragingloli said. He’s an actor. So he acts.

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Depp has been living primarily in France for over a decade, to my understanding. There’s a house in Paris, a house in LA, a 35-acre island in the Bahamas, and rumor of an abode somewhere in the English countryside, but it appears that he and his family spend most of their time at their villa in the south of France, near St. Tropez. I didn’t hear the interview you’re speaking of, but if he’s spending a lot more time in Europe than the US, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear some sort of accent come out of his mouth. Ironically, he’s originally from Kentucky, where alot of my people are from. Now there’s an accent for you! lol

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Johnny Depp in Owensboro KY, but moved around the US a lot, and grew up in Florida. The accent is a by-product theatrical training.

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or he’s a pretentious shit who attempts to appear more cultured than actually may be.

although, I vote for the “living in Europe rubs off on you” explanation.

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LOL all the reasons I’ve thought of too. One thing I don’t quite get though are you telling me having an accent can merely happen by habit, like smoking, once you start your hooked? That’s weird to me, I think you can turn the accent back to normal just like quitting smoking…but in his latest movie he speaks in his regular voice? And since he lives in all these places shouldn’t he be speaking Par(is)Bah(amis)(Eng)ishLA? A mix of all the places he travels to? LOL. Then would he not need a coach to learn English? Take for example Hugh Laurie on House he is English spoken. Interviews and awards he uses his actual British accent as he’s from England. He must be special. I think @ragingloli hit it spot on.

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You should watch some of his very first movies and see if he has the accent there. Because now I wanna know how long he has had the accent and whta movie he started it with. I think one of his first movies is an old black and white film called, “Dead Man” or something like that…

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Whoa, I was way off on my last comment. He first appeared on the big screen in Nightmare on Elm Street… totally forgot about that!

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Arnie has been living in Asparagusland for ages, and he still has his endearing Austrian accent.
Well Ah got noose for yoo. You lack discipline!

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I honestly have no idea. Maybe he hangs around a lot of Brits, and the accent has rubbed off on him. I’m one of those weird people that slip into an accent if I’m around a lot of people who speak with it. When we visited my hubby’s family in Wisconsin, my hubby asked me a few times why I was talking funny; I had no idea that I was slipping into the northern accent. I even do it at home when I watch movies with accents, such as Braveheart. When I hear the accent so much, I start to think and speak with that accent and don’t even realize it.

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Maybe he picked it up from these guys

[Fans of Harry Potter may never view Arthur Weasley in the same light again]

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m like you. I grew up in Indiana but have lived in the south for several years. Whenever I visit IN I slip back into that accent almost automatically. When I return to the south, it goes back immediately. My speech changed significantly when I lived in California.

I tend to think it is because he lives in Europe. He is actually known for pretty much staying out of the spotlight.

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@cubozoa haha i posted that video on my facebook!

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Or more importantly maybe he went crazy after this British interview

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@Meego Great clip.

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@bookwoman11 is correct. He’s been living in Europe for quite some time now.

When I was a young girl living in Las Vegas, I met another young girl from Texas. We spent the day playing together, and by the end of the day I noticed I started talking a bit like her. This was just after one day. I’ve noticed my husband and I will start talking like the locals after our annual summer vacations in northern Wisconsin. It’s not that uncommon to develop an accent once you surround yourself with others, especially after an extended period of time.

Have you heard Gwyneth Paltrow lately?

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