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Which animal, real or mythological, most closely represents: sports, athletics?

Asked by tkrengel (75points) January 6th, 2011

My group is looking for suggestions for an animal mascot to use in our logo to best represent our sports-related web site.

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Golden Eagle.They kick some butt ;)

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We will cover all sports.

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… all amateur sports, specifically.

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I like the golden eagle idea.

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A giant statue of Vince Lombardi

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The mythical guy with the wings on his heels would also work.

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How about the Thompson Gazelle? ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille did you go to Southern? Golden Eagles

I like Rebels! Or the Black Bear! loll you would have to be a Rebel to understand the loll!

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@Cruiser Sure, the lunch meat of the plains would make a good mascot.

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@BoBo1946 No.I went to art school.We were the “Starving Artists” XD—Represented by a velvet Elvis ;)

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oh… thought you were a Golden Eagle… and you are! Flying high in the sky!

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@Adirondackwannabe: Good idea but he is already taken by the medical profession (and is also the god of archery – rim shot).

“Mercury/ Hermes”:

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Phoenix rising from the flames always works well. Displayed on a fair few football (soccer) teams club crests.

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The Badger. Fierce and competitive.

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I think that the lines of the logo are perhaps more important than the animal. A squirrel is an amazingly agile animal but just would not cut it as a sports logo! I have found this site which seems to be a japanese artist and I love the horse paintings. Page 7 , Horse Leaping, is particularly stylish. I know that you obviously cannot just use the artist’s work because of copyright, but either getting permission or coming up with your own along those lines could work. Good Luck.

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I now apologise to Homoon “Wollock” Chung Youn – a wonderful Chinese artist. I have only just discovered her in my search for an answer to your question and have now taken the time to read about her. Not Japanese after all, sorry.

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