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What was you favorite Super Bowl and why?

Asked by ZAGWRITER (1506points) January 6th, 2011

I was trying to think of which Super Bowl was my favorite, and I think maybe it was Super Bowl XXV, between the Bills and Giants, because it came down to one missed kick. How about you? I don’t think that most of the Super Bowls since then have been as good, because most of them have been not even close.

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For me, it was Super Bowl VII when the Miami Dolphins extended their perfect season with a final victory.

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very nice, better than 18–1

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They’re so fuzzy already, but I remember being really excited about the Superbowl in which the Steelers won it at the very end by a supreme grab in the endzone by Santonio Holmes. That was a good one.

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Without a doubt, Super Bowl XLII…the Giant(s) upset! Being a die-hard G-Men fan and having just moved from Rhode Island where we made many good friends who obviously are dyed-in-the-wool Pats fans, it was really fun to see the wild card Giants take away the Patriots streak with a Super Bowl win. On top of that, the Super Bowl game was a rematch game of the final game of the season. We even toasted with Dom PĂ©rignon. Oh, well…we have our memories until next year.

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Broncos vs. Green Bay, I worship the ground John Elway stands on.

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Super Bowl 0 !

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2006 Colts Vs Bears and it was my favorite because it featured the kathy griffin sierra mist commerical

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Some of my favorites are:

S10— I was an LA Ram fan and they consistently showed Superbowl potential but they kept losing to the Cowboys and the Vikings in the 70’s.

The Rams seemed so promising during the 75 season, but they lost to the Cowbutts 37–7 in the NFC championship game at LA, so I really wanted to see the Steelers beat them in the Sbowl.

S10 was a great game.
Some of the highlights for me were Jack Lambert throwing ahole safety Cliff Harris on his ass, after Harris taunted Roy Gerala for missing a field goal; and Lynn Swann’s amazing catches.

S13 was great because it featured the Cowboys and Steelers again in another clash of titans. One of the highlights of that game was John Stallworth’s juke-em-outta-their-shoes, 75-yard TD pass reception. IMO, he and Lynn Swann are the greatest pair of wide receivers to have ever played on the same team.

My favorite is S34 because even though they left LA about 5 years before, I still loved the Rams, so it was great seeing the greatest show on turf finally winning the Lombardi in such a suspenseful game.

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That was an amazing game! I yelled my ecstatic head off when the G-men won that one against the seemingly invincible Pats.

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I loved seeing the Broncs and JE win that one.
I loved seeing that one where JE took that hit that spun him around like a helicopter main rotor and hold onto the ball. I can think of a few running backs that would have fumbled on that one (Adrian Peterson?).

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@Winters Elway is a horse faced jackass.

I like Superbowls I and II, and the ‘97 Superbowl. Because the almighty Packers won. Like they will this year.

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@cockswain gasp BLASPHEMY!!!!!

no need to be all buttsore about losing to the Broncos at the Superbowl

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I found this website for super bowl stuff:
It’s fun to read! Well, if you like the NFL.

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