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What's the point of restricting the frequency with which a game question can be asked?

Asked by bob_ (20064points) January 6th, 2011

Apparently, when a game question goes long, it can only be restarted once in a month.

What’s the logic behind this? It’s not like the (Social) front page would get swamped if a popular question is asked every few days. Also, as was said in the same thread, it’s probably bad for the servers to have this restriction. So, mods, what’s the point?

Mere mortals Fellow Jellies, what are your thoughts? To be honest, this feels a bit too paternalistic, like we can only play after doing our homework.

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Huh, who knew, right? Perhaps there is an answer for this question that has little to do with paternalistic approaches on behalf of the mods. I’m not that great with computers and how to run websites but can this restriction have anything to do with there being no one but Augustlan left to run this site? Or does it have to do with trying to keep games to a minimum so that more ‘serious’ questions can be asked? Personally, if it’s a good game, I welcome those questions – they increase cohesion.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Indeed. Not that it’ll happen, but it’d be nice to have sort of a “random” section in addition to General, Social and Meta – where we could do lurve parties, games, announcements (just had a baby, got engaged, etc). Sorta like chat, but not live.

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I skip all the game questions. I wonder why people wouldn’t go to a site that specializes in that type of question.

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I suppose one answer would be half “that’s not the purpose of any of the existing sections” and half “why should we need to play the game more than once a month?” But I’m sure we’ll get an official answer soon.

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It has to do with ‘duplicate’ questions and limiting games so they’re not happening all the time. Sorry to be a spoilsport, guys. I love the game, too!

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Okay, so it is paternalistic.

* shakes head disapprovingly *

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I like the game threads now and again but I would hate to see them popping up every day. Unless there was a separate section for them, where they’re not swamping out the real questions. If the game threads got too frequent I would lose interest in Fluther.

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There has to be a point? Well if one exists it’ll most likely be that someone somewhere is flexing their authoritative muscle. Ooh, look at the pecs on that!

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@downtide Over 50 questions were asked yesterday in Social. How would a couple of questions asked every few days swamp the section?

@ucme Eat your dinner and go to your room! You might be on to something.

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@bob_ Choke on a sandwich…........I believe I am ;¬}

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Eh no idea @bob_ but I totally love that ’‘mere mortals’’ you slipped in there, haha. Just sayin’.

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@Symbeline You like it when I slip it in there huh? XD

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@bob_ how would it be just a couple of questions, if there weren’t limits?

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@downtide Very few questions are popular enough to merit restarting the thread.

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There’s an interesting question, @bob_. Was this policy created ex nihilo, or was it created in response to the games becoming too frequent? The answer to that might be relevant to how we judge the policy.

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In my experience, the game questions multiply exponentially when they are allowed to run rampant. One begets two, which begets four and so on. I think it’s called group think, and it’s catching.

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@YARNLADY this is exactly what concerns me about it. It wouldn’t matter so much if there was a seperate section for them.

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