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Did you remember to turn off the oven?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31070points) January 6th, 2011

What are some of the silly things you’ve forgotten to take care of before you left home?

Did you leave the water running? Did you leave the top off the gerbil cage? Did you leave your keys locking yourself out?

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I have left the hose running, for hours. Yikes!
Mostly I forget to lock the cat door and have the raccoons in my kitchen at night. Nooooo!
I have also taken my house phone and put it in the car by accident. lol

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I put a Teflon pot on to boil water for Top Ramen before bed. I managed to pass out while the water was coming to a boil. About six hours later I woke up and the water was gone and the Teflon was blue. It took about a week to be able to breathe normally.

It was a studio so I was sleeping about six feet from the stove.

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@Coloma : LOL. Watch out for those raccoons. They’re really mean.
@Not_the_CIA : Breathing healthy air is a good thing.

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One very, very stressful winter morning, my car wouldn’t start. I plugged it in, etc, nothing. My mom had stopped driving so I used her car (boat). One lovely morning in early spring, I noted that my car was still in Drive. Whew, did the guys at the pub laugh!

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I did, but thanks to your question, I double checked just to make sure.

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I turned on the water in the bath tub with the drain plugged, and I unfortunately forgot it was on and the bathroom and hallway were flooded.

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Nothing, i’m always vigilant when it comes to…........shit, i’ve left the iron on…..!

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I remember heading with a mate to his place one morning, when we walked into the kitchen we found the electric kettle melting on the gas stove and his dad asleep at the computer. Man that guy was a stoner.

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My wife is deaf, so she doesn’t get the audio reminders everyone else gets. she often leaves the water running in the sink.

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I used to lock myself out of my house. All. The. Time. I devised a number of ways to break in to my own houses over the years. Thank goodness I finally got into the habit of having my keys in my hand as I walk out the door.

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Haha, these stories have brought up some more recall for me.
@shego I often, run a bath and forget to close the drain…20 minutes later, no hot water, no bath. Grrr!

Once, my car was running and my house keys are on that keyring, I locked my back door from the inside and on the way out closed my skirt in the door. I was totally stuck, so, had to take off my skirt and run to my car in my tights to get the keys. lol

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Oh yeah…and, I have run my car battery down about 3 times in the last two years from leaving my lights on all night. But hey, I have farmside assistence. I just wait for them to come and recharge me.

I think I am a point or so over on the way to dottiness.haha

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@Coloma : Keep it up. There’s not enough dottiness in the world.

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