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How can I get songs from one iPod to another?

Asked by FrBrown (89points) January 6th, 2011

My current iPod is about 5 years old and the battery life is starting to get very poor, so I need a new one. Problem is, my laptop never had that much memory, so all my songs (ca. 4000) are only on the iPod, not on the laptop. So I need a way of getting them from my old iPod to the new one (presumably via the laptop?). I live abroad now and all the CDs are in a different country, never mind the days and days it would take to load them all back in…Ideas muchly appreciated!

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Hook it into itunes, then do under advances i think and go down to transfer purchases. It will copy them into itunes, then sync your new ipod and it will put them on.

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