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What is something you dislike the feel of?

Asked by ucme (50047points) January 7th, 2011

Now now, keep it clean in the cheap seats. I mean, we’re talking about something not normally associated with tactile terror here. Obviously no one’s going to like the touch of poop or a wet toilet seat….ewwww. For example, I don’t like the feel of marshmallows! Just something about the squishy articles, don’t know what. How about you? Can be anything, no matter how bizarre it may seem.

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I don’t like the feel of water chestnuts and red hot pokers.

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Spider webs on my face.

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I don’t like anything that feels sticky

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Ties or turtlenecks. As Mitch Hedberg once said “Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day”.

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I dislike the feel of certain processed Leather….the “shiny” stuff…..Also “too” smooth stuff…

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Great question! I dislike food on my hands, especially if it’s sticky like barbecue sauce, honey, popcorn butter, etc. I also don’t like my long sleeves buttoned, too-tight t-shirts, any kind of gel in my hair (my barber is always trying to add “product”), wearing shoes in my house, and now, thanks to someone who is very special to me, I no longer like sleeping under a sheet—I now use a sheet-coverered comforter (duvet).

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@Michael_Huntington I am with you on that one! I can barely wear a sweater all day.

RIP Mitch Hedberg

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I also hate the feeling of claustrophobia.

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Feeling confined or tangled up in clothing. I sleep naked even in the winter because I hate waking up and having my pants all twisted around and my shirt all fucked up. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry either because I don’t like the feeling of necklaces, bracelets and rings on my skin. Same with sunglasses and hats, gloves, scarfs. I don’t like to accessorize much.

And the feeling of sensitive teeth! I’m whitening mine now with Crest strips and even when I breathe in, the air just stabs them. Agh.

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I don’t like the feel of wool.

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Tight clothing and temperatures over 100ยบ F.

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Thanks peeps! Another pet hate….pun intended….is feeling my dawgs paws when she’s been out in the snow & frost. They’re all cracked & a bit flakey. Awww, let’s dab a bit of vaseline on den, dat all better now XD

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cotton wool (raw cotton)

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Cold showers and untucked bed sheets drives me nuts.

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A prostate exam.

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I do not like the feel of my bare feet on wet tile floors. <<Shudder>>

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expired avocados and bruised banana’s

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As weird as this will sound, I can’t stand the feel of lotion on the palms of my hands or the bottoms of my feet. When I lotion the rest of my body, including the backs of my hands, I must wash and vigorously rub all the lotion off my palms immediately.

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Nails scratching a chalkboard!

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I don’t like the feel of damp towels and being cold when getting out of the shower.
I turn the heat up to like 80 before I shower. Wussy I am.

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I don’t like being “stuffed up”—it’s a suffocating sensation for me. I have a very fast and drastic reaction to hot temperatures, and my skin gets prickly/itchy. I don’t much care for the feel of abandonment ;-)

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I don’t like the feel of bare wood. Like popcicle sticks or the end of a pencil by the pencil lead. Gives me the chills, cardboard does it too.

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The sliminess of your mouth after having a fluoride treatment at the dentist. The squishy feeling of the impression material they use at the dentist.

Now the feeling after you’ve had your teeth professionally cleaned, though – the “bite” of the polish – just can’t get enough of that one.

Sorry, peeps, I just found out my dad is retiring (finally!) so I guess I’ve got dental stuff on the brain.

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@noelleptc Wow, really? I thought I was the only weirdo who did that; my mother thinks I’m nuts, LOL!

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Oh, stepping in cat barf or a bloody dead mouse in the middle of the night. Courtesy of the night stalkers.

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The feel of a cotton ball being pinched between your fingers.
The feel of fluffy snow being compressed beneath your boots.
The feeling that someone is talking about you.
The feel of a jar lid that is too tight.
The feel of a thin (poorly designed) spoon handle in my big hands.
The feel of fork tines against my teeth.
The feel of a completely blocked up sinus.
The feeling that you just can’t do something, no matter how hard you try.
The feel of hockey skates that weren’t fitted to your feet, but still fit.
The feel of fiberglass stakes.
The feel of the two (cheap) metal curtain rods that slide into one another. (I feel like I am going to slice my hands all up holding these.)
The feel of dry heat on paper that comes out a photocopier.
The feel of cheese singles wrapped in plastic.
The feel of a thin blanket that just wont keep you warm.
The feel of a locked door, when you so badly want to get in.
The feeling after you check your mailbox & your package still hasn’t arrived.
The feel of someones disappointed stare.
The feel of something so hot, that it feels cold.
The feel of something so cold, that it feels hot.
The feeling that you have written too long of a quip.

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Being branded on the ass kinda sucks. I mean…shit. What’d I say?

One thing I really hate is when I’m washing the dishes, and some few spaghetti noodles got into the water and then they brush on my hands. I don’t know why, I just can’t it, it’s so gross. Weird because I don’t usually mind stuff like that. Crap at the bottom of the sinkhole after doing the dishes, pulling out hair from the drain, sticking my hands in dead people, it’s all fine. But underwater noodles? Fuuuuuuck!

@Coloma LOL you stepped on a dead mouse? That’s pretty awesome.

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Mmm..yeah, awesome, mouse intestines squished between the toes.

Ewww…yes…I HATE,HATE,HATE touching any of the gross little sink drain tidbits after doing dishes. Gah!

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I can’t help it. I’m lol-ing at “underwater nooooooooodles…”, said in a spooky voice, of course.

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The feeling of touching any dead rodent (even if your hand is inside a plastic bag) because one of the kitties didn’t finish it off.

Here’s kind of a weird one that only happens occassionally. Sometimes if you take a glass out of the dishwasher immediately after it has finished it’s cycle, it will be hot and super dry and touching it gives me the same feeling as having fingernails raked on a chalkboard.

Accidentally touching something moldy growing on the bottom of the produce drawer. I try to keep it cleaned out regularly, but sometimes something spoils really quick.

Having a bug land on me, especially one of those big irridescent fig beetles (although I’m not particularly afraid of bugs in general)

Riding in the car with the windows down and having my hair (even one strand, which is actually worse) continually fly into my face.

Having an itch way deep down inside my ear (past the ear drum) that I cannot reach. It’s maddening.


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I like the feel of weird stuff. I was the kid who bite their pinky fingernails until it hurt and then hooked them together and pulled to get that little shocking feeling. I loved that little trick where you put your two index fingers together and had somebody rub both at the same time to see “what a dead person feels like.” I love the way green bananas make your teeth feel. I know it sounds sick. But I discovered one of my husband’s engineers has the same weird trait and we spent an entire afternoon exchanging strange things we like to touch and feel and strange sensations we’ve discovered. I’m sure if there’s a name for this, I’ll be told by someone here.

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Cooked mushrooms
Stepping in water when wearing just socks
An already chewed on dog bone

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Marshmallows in my mouth.

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Or how about when you are trying to sleep on your stomach and you can’t help but drool. It’s so gross to wake up to that wet pillow feeling.

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@noelleptc little kids don’t seem to be a grossed out by icky things as adults are, at least little boys seem not to be. Ick! That’s why I always carry wet wipes when I know I’m going to be around my nephews. Perfect for removing snot, poop, spit, earwax, and dripping, sticky food.

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I can’t stand the feel of hard plastic.

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@noelleptc Oh No! That’s even worse, because I’m picturing a greasy haired, pimply kid with un-brushed teeth doing it. Ick!

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Come on over for lessons in rodent encounters.
I am at the epicenter for multiple species of rodents that find their in with the cats.

Alive, I grab it with a glove and poss it in a paper bag and relocate it.

Dead, I’ve been known to just grab it by it’s tail and fling off my deck. lol

It’s an acquired skill.

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I hate the feel of raw meat, especially raw ground meat. It gets stuck under your fingernails and is just nasty.

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@Coloma I have such an aversion to the thought of touching a dead rodent that it makes me shake in my boots. The last time I had to do it, it was a very large dead rat and I couldn’t even bear the thought of touching it with a bagged or gloved hand so I got a dustpan and a large stick, but just the weight and the movement of it touching the stick almost sent me into hysterics.

@noelleptc That’s so funny that the kid tried to sell your binder. And I love the term “spitty”. I think I shall adopt it. My, but that was a spitty kid twasn’t it?

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“Craypars” That’s what my art teacher calls them I don’t know if that’s really what they’re called. Anyway that and oil pastels. Oh and paper.

Winters's avatar

A wet speedo in the winter

AstroChuck's avatar

Not having sex.

woodcutter's avatar

stepping on a cold hairball barefooted first thing in the morning is off-putting.

faye's avatar

I agree with spiderwebs 100% and I hate the feel of oil on my skin, especially between my fingers. We used to have suntan oil in the olden days.

Berserker's avatar

@woodcutter Stepping on a hairball, hot or cold ANY time is off putting lol.

But dead mice now that’s…ignore.

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Huntsman spiders as big as my hand crawling from between my head and work helmet down onto my face. Happens often enough actually.

perspicacious's avatar

cottage cheese

faye's avatar

@Arbornaut screaming heebie-jeebies just reading that- blech.

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You know what else is gross, when you’ve been wrapping gifts and you get a bit of tape stuck onto one of your fingers and you can’t get it off. It feels bad enough as it is, but you also can’t feel other stuff because it’s right on the tip of your finger.

@perspicacious I lurve cottage cheese. I always wondered what it might be like to walk in a big vat of it.

Arbornaut's avatar

Yeah….. vat of cottage cheese….mmm

Kardamom's avatar

@Arbornaut Or Jello, I’ve often thought that would be an interesting vat to traipse through. Or a big jiggly mattress sized piece of fresh tofu. Squish, squish, squish…

perspicacious's avatar

@Kardamom I don’t really know if I like it or not. I’ve never been willing to put those little bumpy things into my mouth. :)

Kardamom's avatar

@perspicacious Cottage cheese tastes really good, but only if you already like the taste of buttermilk or plain yogurt or sour cream. It’s kind of tart, but has a very fresh dairy taste as well. I can certainly see why the texture would be off putting to some people, though.

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@Kardamom Yeah… jello would be awesome.. Or a king size tofu mattress, oooh, all cold though? It would have to be a steamy romp on a hot summers day.


Metal buttons or zippers on shirts or zip-up sweaters that touch your bare skin

The irritating feeling of tags on inside shirt collars

Dry skin and hair

Spider webs (cobwebs) that you accidentally walk into and they touch your face

Mosquito bites

Lovemaking or sex cut short

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