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What do you think about when your brain won't STFU at night?

Asked by delirium (13681points) April 10th, 2008 from iPhone

Sheep is cheating.
(Long story short: my schedule is twisted because I’m so intensly sick.) I feel I’ll enough that I’m trying to just think happy thoughts. What are your happy sleeptime thoughts?
I keep thinking accidently snout my snake who hasnt been taken out and excercised since I fell ill. He is normally a happy thought.

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about… Not snout. Damn iPhone.

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My nightime thoughts are so crazy. Its when my mind goes wild, full of relection and fantasy.

It seems to be foreplay for unconciousness.

Its prob the reason I can never fall asleep. The moment my world goes dark and quiet is the moment I become the most emotionally and mentally stimulated.I don’t how people expect you to just shut your eyes and sleep. Makes it sound so simple, so machine like.

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Most of my inspiration comes at night. I usually have to get up write things down. There’s something nice in thinking about the things I will do when I wake up.

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I pop in pzizz (recommended by a fellow flutherer), feel like a dork for about 13.5 minutes until the pseudo-british voice completely puts me to sleep. They have 15 minute demo tracks you can download for free.

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Sorry to go off topic a little but how and where do you take a snake out to exercise? Do you take it for walks or something. About the sleeping, thinking about stuff helps me fall asleep. You just have to focus your thoughts and not let your mind wander.

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he exercises with baths and exploring me for a few hours. Its really important for him developmentally, actually.

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I am terrified of snakes. Knowing one was in my house would keep me from ever falling asleep. I don’t know what it is but they creep me out.

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Hahaha. I adore reptiles of all kinds and am meticulous about mine. Meet a well cared for and socialized snake and your opinion will forever be changed.

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A socialized snake huh? Isn’t that kind of like a military peacekeeping mission with armed soldiers? I actually don’t mind snakes that much to be honest, but I didn’t think they were “social”—as in knowing you from me from anyone else that picked them up. I thought their mental process was more along the lines of: “food” and “not food,” and you’re in pretty good shape if the thing registers you as the second category, didn’t realize you could expect much more from them.

To address your question, you could always try reading one of those books on your “need-to-read” list that you’re not really into but know you really ought to have read. A book I’m not into late at night in bed is a sure way to get to sleep for me.

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Socialized meaning tolerant of humans. ( but military line made me laugh quite hard)Also, I tend to find that some snakes aren’t given enough credit. Val makes darling demands to come put if I walk in the room on one if his play-days. He’ll bonk his nose on the side of his viv until he can come exercise. He notably does not show this activity on his non-play-days.
He also has shown ability to discern one person from another. A friend who was too rough with him once now gets struck at (faking it with his mouth closed) when he tries to touch val.

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I usually just get out of bed and do something until I start to feel drowsy. I try to start with something physical and then wind down by sitting and reading a book or watching something mind numbing on television, like MTV.

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@ deliriun awww! I want a snake now!
How big is she ?

Yeah, I passed out right when my head hit the pillow last night and now just woke up and had the craziest dream about the world coming to an end… It was freaky. i dont think I had an happy sleepytime thoughts!

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I have had this problem where right when I close my eyes they start to hurt. It’s like my eyes are being squeezed really tight but they’re not. It’s quite annoying and it keeps me awake for hours. So during this time I just think about people. Or the problems that i’m facing with the people in my life and how I can fix them. Then my mind tends to wonder to other things and before I know it I have to wake up in a few hours and I haven’t slept at all.

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Whatever floats across the synapses, really. That, and how much I hate laying there awake.
it’s especially bad when I’m sharing a hotel room with my snoring family, since I know the cause of my troubles and I can’t do anything about it!.

In the winter, at least, I’ve had a lot of success with space heaters and/or sleeping bags. Stay in a cold room until you’re as tired as you can bear, then fire up one and/or crawl in the other, and you are gone.

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I’ve heard that you think about if you won the lottery, what would you do with the money. My brain has a hard time shutting off, so I leave the tv on sometimes. Which is contrary to how you’re supposed to fall asleep. It kinda lulls me to sleep, relaxes me, I guess. You can put a small pillow between your knees, as well.

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