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Can anyone here share any personal stories of life after death or out-of-body experiences?

Asked by cornman (737points) April 10th, 2008 from iPhone
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How can someone share personal stories of life after death? Wouldnt they be dead after all?

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You sure seem to think about death a lot. That’s probably not too healthy.

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Delirium, did you ever think that he may be depressed or maybe even has thoughts of suicide? That was really uncalled for.

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@uberbatman. Wouldn’t someone actually be alive in a “life after death” scenario? I don’t see why this is such at difficult question.

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Umm cornman yes they would be “alive” but they would also be in the after life. Please explain to me one scenario where this could possibly work. Im dying to hear

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@Cornman I understand your question and respect it. I during a surgery had my heart stop for some time according the surgon. I did have an “out of body experiance”. I do not care to discuss it in this form due to people trying to discredit my very personal experiance. It was a life changing experiance for me.

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I have read many stories about this, and have worked with people who believe they have had what would be called “near death” experiences. I have never had one myself so I cannot say if it really happens, but I do know people who believe it has occurred with them. I find it a fascinating topic, whether or not you are my brother-in-law.
What I have found with the books I have read and the personal stories I have heard, is the similarity of the stories. The one thing they all seem to have in common was that they did not want to come back to this life after seeing what is on the other side.
Actaully, if you speak with our friend Chad, who medically died four times on an operating table, but was brought back to life, he has a story to tell. Don’t know if it is true but it is pretty fascinating.

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@cornman please dont take it as me disregarding your question completly i do think people have OBE just the whole life after death thing is a bit umm well unconceivable.

As far as the whole near death experiences and OBE that people have its all just caused by your pineal gland releasing large amounts of DMT into your brain. Which is also the same reason you dream at night.

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@uberbatman….you state what you said as fact. It could be but the similarities in so many fo the stories suggests we keep an open mind to this rather than drawing a conclusion of fact.

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@trainerboy which part are you talking about? The DMT part? If so yes the similarities of many stories only confirms this point more. Many drugs cause people to have shared experiences. Same reason why so many people have highly religious experiences with high doses of magic mushrooms or salvia divinorum. Talk to people who have taken them and i can almost guarantee you will hear a lot of the same thing from all kinds of different people.

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@uberbatman…i am saying we can think we find explanations and they make sense. but keep an open mind. 20 years ago, the dalai lama asked a question to the medical industry about the brains ability to create new cells. They dismissed his question as stupid aand now are finding that the brain doesn’t repair damaged cells but can create new ones. So, scientific fact has a tendency to change over time.
I don’t know if the stories are true,and your example of the mushrooms is valid. However, it doesn’t disprove anything. Only those who have been through it know what they know.

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Fascinating, isn’t it? I guess the only way we will have true answers to what happens after a death (even if you come back to life like some of those who have OBE) is to die ourselves and find out. I never had such an experience, but I do remember doing research into history for something I was helping my son with and I came across a name I knew that I have never seen before. I got chills all over my body the minute I saw it – and a very definite feeling of deja-vu, even though it was only on a short list of early egyptian rulers. After I was done helping my son, I went back and obsessively did all the research I could and only found that this woman existed and not much else is known about her. I am not a big believer in reincarnation (skeptic perhaps because it seems that all those people who make such claims are always someone famous in their past life), but it still continues to bother me to this day and I just wish I knew why.

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@fluthermother….I am not a believer in reincarnation either, but I do know people who seem to feel they recollect experiences from past lives and none of them were famous in those past lives.
I do not know. Again, because just as you said we get to die to find out, for me it is to keep open about all possibilities.
I do not know what the purpose of reincarnation would be. Those who do believe in it have various beliefs about the purpose but it is a fascinating subject to me and I am glad it was brought up.

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@trainerboy, I am so glad to hear that you know people who weren’t Cleopatra or Napolean! I should say, I don’t believe in what traditional reincarnation says – where you have no choice and you keep coming back to a body – and that body is a direct result of how “good” you were in your past life – so your next life you were either punished or rewarded. I am reading a book by Abraham-Hicks and it says that we are all part of a higher mind (I guess we are “souls”) and that we choose to come into physical form to experience life and that, yes, we have come forth into other physical selves – but we aren’t forced into it as punishment for past life sins or what-have-you. I am still reading so I have yet to be able to explain or understand it. But, I do so love to delve into everyone’s thoughts about this and their experiences with OBE and other paranormal experiences. It offers something to think about and expands my own thoughts about the world. But in the end, you and I might end up having lunch in hell, acknowledging that the Catholic Church was right all along and there is an old bearded man upstairs who sent us there because we haven’t been to confession in years and can’t remember all the words to The Lord’s Prayer!

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did anyone see the jaguar?

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Hi, @buster – what do you mean? Now you have me curious! A real jaguar? A movie? A symbol?

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@trainerboy ive had NDE and i know what its like. Based on that i can say its very much like DMT thus backing the scientific knowledge i already have. That being said you are completely right, 5 years from now we can learn that all of this was complete bullshit and everything changes. I was merely going off of what is known to humans right now.

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I know the rules say that things may be moderated, such as personal insults. I wonder why labeling someone as “sick” as in sick in the head is not considered an insult?

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Please people… look up sarcasm in the dictionary before you are quick to judge Delirium.

Yes, Delirium was obviously being serious that’s why she wrote zombies.

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It doesn’t seem like sarcasm to me. Could be but it seems a bit abrasive.

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one of my cousins told me when he was 6 he got hit buy a car, he mentioned how right after his mind went into a tunnel and seen a light and started to walk towards it and then woke up, don’t know if he was telling the truth or not though, but I know he was in a bad car crash and almost died from it

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