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Could you outrun a man if you were in danger?

Asked by JasonNPacific (16points) January 8th, 2011

My wife told me a story of when she was in college and she and a friend were about to get robbed. The man was standing behind them and said “give me all your money”, to which they replied “No” and kept walking with their backs to him. She informed me that they felt that they could just run away from him if he was serious.
So, do YOU think that if you were in danger and had a ten foot head start that you could outrun an average built male in his 20’s?

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This depends, I think. I’ve always been the type to naturally run fast for short distances. Long distance running has never been my thing, unless we’re talking about a jog.
All in all, I’m not sure. It could greatly depend on the amount of adrenaline that hits my system at that given moment.

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Not with my knees the way they are now! Maybe, in the old days, fueled by panic and adenaline…

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I’m not the best sprinter but I can run for a pretty long time.

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I have had to do that before and I will soon be able to do it again,if need be. .;)
If by chance the fool catches me ,I will put a world of hurt on him.That I am sure of

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@lucillelucillelucille in heels. FACT.
Also, a valid point – if I do get “caught,” I’m confident in my ability to defend myself. (Read: I am not afraid to kick the living shit out of this guy if it’s the last thing I do.)

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I couldn’t outrun a tortoise if my life depended on it! Does that answer your question?

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@TheOnlyNeffie -That’s right! and that’s right! ;)

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I’m a pretty decent sprinter, so I could get a good distance away. If he followed for too long, however, I’d probably have to engage him. Luckily, I’m not too bad with my self-defense techniques.

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Adrenaline can make the body do incredible things. Women in despair have been able to lift cars that weigh 20 X what they do. Link

So all that say that they can’t… you can!

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I could outrun him in a half marathon. Over a couple hundred meters, I’m not so sure.

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Oh it’d be him that was running away from me, that’s for sure…...& yes i’d catch the fucker…....individual pretty sharpish.

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I could and would if I had too. It’s called the miracle of adrenalin.

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No, and I have no money. Hell of a nice purse if he likes maroon leather which I’d be sad to lose.

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I am an average built man in my late 20s, so, yes I could out run that mofo. I don’t think I’d be running though. >:) “You picked the wrong motherf***er dude.”

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I could, but (when not dressed up as a nurse) tend to come across as somewhat intimidating so it’s never really been an issue.

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Eek, I get winded very quickly. I used to believe that, if adrenaline kicked in, I might stand a chance. But one time I was running home across a flat field during a raging thunderstorm and I was legitimately terrified, but still got winded to the point where I had to slow down. Not so confident about that, anymore.

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No, because I’m short. If he were of average 5’ 10” height, he’d catch up to me in seconds.

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When I was 35 years old I could out run well over 90% of the runners at any race from 5k to the marathon. Now I’m 60 with a few long term injuries but I most likely still can out run most non athletic 20 year olds (especially with their pants down to their knees).

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Having been chased (mostly in fun) I am pretty confident I’d be able to out run and, perhaps more importantly, outmanoeuvre some guy chasing me.

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Probably not, and that’s something I to improve on, but if there are living people nearby, I have a number of loud, extremely high-pitched noises in my repertoire. In fact, they might work with non-living people too…

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Yes, I could…I wouldn’t…(as long as it’s not a marathon…..At short distances I’m fast…with adrenalin I’m insanely fast…)
I’ve out ran 5 cops before, and a car

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Foldgers, not just for waking up anymore.

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