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How many mistakes have you made that stick with you?

Asked by JLeslie (58422points) January 9th, 2011

Of course we all make mistakes. I have a few big ones that have probably drastically altered my life. Most of the time I can look at bad choices as something I learned from, and let it go. Part of a learning process, and in the end they fade as being perceived not as mistakes, but rather part of the journey.

But, I have five big ones that really made my life worse than it might have been. I know you can never know the path not taken, but it is how I feel. I don’t beat myself up about it all of the time, I figure everyone has things like this, we do the best we can at the time, but I wish I could go back.

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I have a couple of biggies.

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I’d say I have a couple of not so big ones.

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I have 2 very big mistakes. They’re the kind that altered my life irrevocably.

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too many.
and the really big ones have ways of returning like ghosts of christmas past to gum up the present.

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A couple. But I don;t fret about either of them. Things worked out okay in the end.

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I’d say near enough everything I’ve succeeded at so far arose from making mistakes beforehand.. ESPECIALLY in work & sport… Conclusively: a shit load of mistakes.

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More than I’d like there to be.

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The liking the taste of booze one!!

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I have said things that I would do just about anything to erase….

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I don’t know if they are mistakes per se. Bad timing, in the wrong place at the wrong time etc.

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I have some faults and tendencies that I would much like to overcome. And I made some parenting errors that I would undo in a heartbeat if I could.

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One of my favorite AA speakers says there are no mistakes, only lessons. Using that way of thinking, I have had some hellishly painful lessons in my life. And thankfully I learned them well enough that they were worth the pain and the positive outcomes that resulted. I wouldn’t want to go through them again though, that is for sure!!!

That is why I do the one day at a time routine. Not to be confused with @Wundayatta, I have never done him!

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A lot, I try to keep them all close, or at least I try to, as a preventative measure so I don’t make them.

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About a half dozen. The odd thing is, they’re all fairly insignificant. I doubt anyone else would even remember they occurred if I brought them up. Yet every once in a while, one will hit me and I’ll have to shake my head to clear it.

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