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Should I continue on my valentines day card?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) January 10th, 2011 from iPhone

Okay, so I got really bored and decided to make a Valentine’s day card. I was trying to get some feed back via Facebook, but no luck, haha. Anyway, I’m attempting to draw the heart picture from Gray’s Anatomy.

Here it is

I’m making it for some random person. I have no idea, just boredom. Anyway, what do you think? Also, is anyone else going to make their own cards or no? (:

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Sure, I think you should finish it. Even if just for yourself. It looks good so far, and if you like to draw – the practice is always worth it. :)

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That’s a very nice illustration! Are you sure you don’t have someone special in mind? I love making cards.

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@Kardamom lol, well there is a guy in the back of my head, but he’s just a crush. :)

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Well maybe you can give one of the cards to your mom and grandma. I bet they’d love to get a home made card from their kid. The drawing is really lovely, by the way. What other kinds of things do you like to draw? I was going to make some potato print Christmas cards this year, but we had a flood in the kitchen right before Christmas and I kind of gave up on that idea, until next year. I also got some pretty gift bags at Big Lots that are just regular grocery store style brown paper that has been dyed blue and green and red. I thought the potato prints would look great on those bags too.

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Your drawing looks like two naked women dancing in a Mexican skirt.

You truly are bored.

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@john65pennington I can see that, too, now that you said it. :)

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Thanks, I guess I’ll discard it and try something else. :/

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@ducky_dnl why would you do that?

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@TheOnlyNeffie I don’t want to give a guy a drawing that looks like two naked chicks dancing under a Mexican Skirt when it’s supposed to be a heart. :/

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It does look like a heart. It’s very obviously a heart. What @john65pennington sees is within the drawing, but it looks like a heart. Don’t give up so easily, you’ve done very well on it.

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@ducky_dnl that’s beautiful!! The whole thing is so colorful and the layout is perfect. Nicely done. :)

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Hey!!! That’s part of being an artist… what you make is up to interpretation! That’s the beauty of art. I see a heart, but I also saw something that was looking like angels. Don’t EVER throw something out because of what someone says about it. And keep practicing, it’s looking great! :)

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